4.5G network selection and reception problem on Android phone

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How to activate 4.5G network selection on phones with Android operating system? 4.5G network selection illustrated explanation. Solution for phone reception in some places when 3G and 4.5G are on!

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AndroidThe operating system is the most used operating system in our country and in the world. It is possible to see this operating system on many phones around us. Android software, the infrastructure of which is developed by Google, is developed by companies and adapted to their own models. Many brands with Android operating systems, such as Samsung, HTC, Sony Xperia and LG, use this operating system. In this news, we will explain with pictures how to choose a 4.5G network.

It is worth noting that before making 3G and 4.5G / LTE settings on your Android mobile phone; In some places, if the device's network selection is 3G or 4.5G, the network reception level may decrease. It happens that the network level drops to 1 or 2. This is because the necessary technology and infrastructure work has not been carried out at the base station in your location.

3G and 4.5G network reception problem on Android phone

Solution to the problem of no or no network connection: When you encounter the above situation, change the network setting to 2G / Edge.

In order to use 4.5G technology on phone models with Android operating system, your phone and line must support it. First, get a phone that supports 4G. Then you need to buy a sim card with 4G support. After completing these, click on the applications option on your home screen.

4.5G network selection on Android phones

Android 3G and 4.5G network reception problem

After this process, you will be able to access all applications installed on your phone. You can make settings on your phone from the opened applications. Log in to the Settings section. The settings icon is in the shape of a gear and is shown below.

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Network reception problem on Android phone

After logging in to the settings section, select the mobile access point from the settings that appear. If you have trouble finding this option, search for it by typing in the search section above.

No network reception on Android phone

There are many connection settings under the mobile networks heading. In these settings, enter the Network Mode section.

4.5G settings on Android phone

Select the LTE/3G/2G (automatic connection) option from the network mode section that opens. After this option, you can use 4.5G connection type on Android phones.

network settings

Update Date: March 10, 2017, 21:24

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