Add to Instagram story does not appear

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We think that most of those who get the "Add to your Instagram story is not showing" error are experiencing system-related glitches.

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Some users may even not share posts but only use the story feature. However, in some accounts, the button for the add story feature is not visible. This prevents users from using the add story feature.

In our topic, we will talk about possible reasons and in the rest of the content, we will have estimated solution-oriented suggestions. We don't know if it will work for sure, but we can say that there are methods that have been tried on many problems.

Add to Instagram story does not appear

The problem that the Instagram story add button does not appear is a situation that usually occurs on old accounts. Since the add story feature is a new update, it is natural that it has not reached some accounts yet.

This feature can be used by using the camera on Instagram and clicking the add to story button. In addition, a photo or post in the gallery can be shared with the add to story button. However, if this button is not visible, it is not possible to share.

Instagram story add problem is a situation that can be seen in some users' accounts. The reason for this is that it is generally seen on the accounts of people who have not made updates. Sometimes old devices and old accounts do not support the stories feature. In such cases, the story adding feature may not be available.

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Account side problems

The problem with the story adding feature is generally related to the Instagram account, not a systemic problem. If there is a system problem, stories cannot be shared from any account on Instagram. Some Instagram accounts may be blocked from adding to the story as a result of interacting more than the daily limits.

  • Investigate the possibility that it may have gone out due to a malfunction that occurred that day. We recommend asking more than one person who lives in another city.
  • It may not show up in accounts that become suspicious for things that are done very frequently. It may even happen that other features do not work.
  • It is possible that updates may cause problems. This can happen both on the phone and the application.
  • We can add the possibility that it is related to the sanctions imposed on the account.
  • It may be an account that needs to be verified.
  • It can be seen in problems experienced in the phone used.

Solution to the add story feature

The solution to the Instagram story adding problem is listed in the following items;

  • If there is a problem with the internet connection of the device used on the network, the story adding feature may be disabled. For this reason, the internet connection should be checked first and if there is a problem, it should be fixed.
  • There may be a mismatch between date and time on some devices. For this reason, if there is a conflict, stories cannot be shared. Correcting the date time mismatch may resolve the issue.
  • It is important to update the application. New updates may not arrive immediately for some devices and some accounts. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that the latest update has been made and thus the problem may be resolved.
  • Deleting the Instagram application completely from the phone and waiting for a while may solve the problem. After deleting it, you can install it and see that the story feature is back.
  • If none of the steps brought back the story feature, you should report the problem to Instagram and ask for this feature to be fixed. When the problem is reported, it will be handled by authorized personnel.
  • If you have not logged out for a long time, we recommend that you log out on all devices.
  • We recommend doing what is called account type. You can do this from the account area in the settings. Go with Business or other option and come back later.
add post to your instagram story 1
Add a post to your Instagram story does not appear
add post to your instagram story 2
Add a post to your Instagram story is not visible

Procedures to try on the application side

We recommend testing it on another phone first. If there is a certain possibility that it is related to the phone used, you can take a look at the following.

  • Some features do not work because the software is too old.
  • An update received by the application causes problems or is problematic.
    • You uninstalled the app and use a previous version.
  • A minor intervention to the application.
    • Go to the applications section of the phone's settings and
    • Touch the person who writes Instagram,
    • The first option we will touch on is clearing the cache and then applying the update removal.

Account side problems

There is a possibility that any suspicious behavior could indirectly cause this. For example, situations such as access being blocked due to constantly entering the wrong password may occur. Here, there is a slight possibility of restrictions on sharing.

Another possibility is that, depending on the situation in penalized accounts, the use of some domains may be stopped.

To test the above, check if changes can be made to the profile. Change the text in the About instance field.

This possibility can sometimes resolve itself during the day. Sometimes it can take a few days or longer.

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