How to close a TikTok account that has been opened?

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We try to respond to problems occurring on social media accounts in some of our content. In this content, we will answer the question of how to close a TikTok account opened in my name.

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Accounts are created on many popular networks using other people's names and photos without their permission. While some of those who do this do it to defraud, others do it by targeting people they know and have an argument with. In the past, we would see accounts being stolen and used as tools for fraud. Nowadays, instead of dealing with this, known methods are used to defraud by opening fake accounts.

A TikTok account has been opened in my name on the internet. We are looking at the answers to the questions "What should I do?", but this is also the case with what we call copy-pasting, which is done in many news stories. What we will suggest are methods implemented as a result of what has happened in many networks.

Problem with TikTok account opened in my name

First of all, we need to look at the reason for the opening. For this, what kind of posts are on the account and who they follow are important. You need to see if they follow your friends, what is used in the content, open an account under a different name and follow them and see what they do.

We have included the reasons below to answer the question of why fake accounts are opened:

  • One of the chosen methods for fraud.
  • Having a girl do this to you.
  • Pages made as a joke.
  • One of the tools used for discrediting attempts.
  • Uses for disclosure purposes.
  • Do not prefer it as a shell account.

There are reasons like this.

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Reporting a TikTok account opened without permission

First of all, go to the fake account's profile from your own account and make the necessary complaint from there. We also recommend that you contact us through the help area on the external website. Another suggestion is to use the report problem option in the application's settings. Sending the request with a suitable title will help you get better results.

We recommend that you take a look at this issue. use the link

Create an Adima TikTok account 2
How to close a TikTok account that has been opened?

Following legal remedies

We need to understand well what the legal situations are here. You see that the social network provider has closed a user's account and you hear that that user is going to the prosecutor's office. Normally, the prosecutor's office makes the necessary statement, but even if the person still wants to complain, a decision of non-prosecution will most likely be given.

What we described above is one of the things that happened. They want to impose sanctions as if these networks belong to a Turkish company. There are even complaints stating that the network he complained about should not provide service in Turkey.

Applying for legal application with justified reasons

If you wonder for what reasons it would be better to make a legal application, the first one is to protect your personal and family rights, national values ​​and in cases where you are victimized, the result of the necessary applications will be positive.

The first door to create a demand will be the front office of the prosecutor's office. If you are going to go to court, then you need to do so for a reason such as the ones above.

Just as you can file a lawsuit against the account, you can also file a lawsuit against the network itself. Of course, situations such as abuse and intermediary need to be proven.

Processes for closing fake accounts

Let's say that most accounts opened without permission are closed sooner or later. But evidence will speed up this process. Normally, those who do this type of work have an account. If they can't reach you, they turn to other accounts.

The complaint processes for fake accounts are as follows:

  • You can make a complaint by going to the profile of the relevant account from your account,
  • Then the complaint form is filled out,
  • You contact your friends and relatives and apply the multiple account complaint gradually,
  • If you have evidence, you submit a request with it,
  • If your complaint has not been resolved for a long time, then you should go to the prosecutor's office.
Everyone has a TikTok account
They opened a TikTok account in my name

The application forms required for the complaint that a TikTok account has been opened in my name are included in the article. There is no problem in using each option on the same day. But don't do the same things over and over again. Wait at least a certain number of days.

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