Android System UI Isn't Responding Error

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The Android system user interface not responding error mostly causes problems on older models. Versions in the operating system occasionally caused incompatibility problems on devices. Even internal applications were working problematically.

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System UI Isn't Responding Error, Turkish equivalent is "System UI Isn't Responding". We would like to point out that our article contains useful information for solving this problem.

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Android system UI is unresponsive

Android System User Interface Not Responding Error

While the moments when Android devices suddenly experience the problem of the system user interface not responding are rare, they can sometimes render the device unusable. This error occurs as a result of a temporary crash of a critical service that runs the device's user interface. Usually, such a situation will fix itself or when you restart the device. However, if the problem occurs frequently and the system does not fix itself, it means that a process of flashing the ROM will be applied.

1. Try to Restart Your Device

The first option tried in case of any system error is to turn the device off and on. This is a surefire option to fix temporary system glitches.

  • Turn it off by pressing and holding the power button or use the “Restart/Shutdown” options from the menu that opens. If it does not turn off, do this from the device's settings. If it still doesn't work, try charging the device.

2. Check for System Updates

Older versions work incompatibly with some applications. Make sure that the operating system is up to date and try with compatible application versions depending on the situation.

  • Settings > System > System Updates.

3. Check Storage Space

Insufficient free space negatively affects system performance and user experience. If you do not know if there is enough free space, try to free up space as much as you can. Both the system and applications need more free space. This field varies depending on the GB information of the device. For example, for 32 GB, our estimated recommendation is to have 3-4 GB of free space.

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  • Follow Settings > Storage. Remove unimportant data manually and less sufficient ones by data backup method.

4. Clear Apps and Data

Any problematic application or corrupted system files will cause problems in using the interface. From time to time removing cache, data and updates helps resolve the issues.

  • The action will be taken from Settings > Applications > Related applications and system user interface.

Note: If you have been experiencing this problem lately, think about what you have done recently and take steps accordingly. For example, removing applications you installed is an important step.

5. Virus Problem

Apart from temporary situations, the most common factor that causes problems is virus infection. Start the virus scan with a useful application.

6. Troubleshooting in Safe Mode

Safe mode allows testing for problems with 3rd party applications by running only system applications. This is not available on every device.

  • Press and hold the power button and select “Shut Down” from the options that pop up. If “Restart to Safe Mode” appears on the screen, use it.

7. Reset to Factory Settings

If simple steps did not solve the problem, then factory reset orhard resettry the steps.

  • Settings > System > Reset.

8. Get Technical Assistance

If your problem persists, it means that you are facing a hardware problem on the device or a situation that requires expertise.

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