How to Block Ads on Android Phone?

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How to block ads on the phone, we will try to convey the necessary information for devices with Android operating system. This information may vary depending on old models and new models.

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If you want to block ads on the web, you may want to consider using a 3rd party browser on Android. Some browsers do not support ad-blocking plug-ins on mobile devices. However, Firefox or Samsung Internet browsers are two alternatives that offer ad-blocking add-ons on Android.

Samsung Internet has a built-in extension store that allows you to download ad blockers to your phone. In addition, its browser called Brave offers an ad-free browsing experience. Of course, there are other browsers and applications like these.

How to Block Ads on the Phone?

1. Open the Chrome app on your Android device.
2. Tap the dotted sign at the top on the right, go to Settings and from there to Site settings.
3. Scroll down and reach the contents section and use the Pop-up and redirects option there.
4. Close pop-ups and redirects.
5. Go back to the site settings menu and tap on the Intrusive ads option.
6. There will be an option written to disable intrusive ads, use it.

How to Block Ads from Home Screen?

Ads that appear on the home screen are more annoying than ads that appear in web browsers and also in the notification area. These full-screen (sheet) ads appear over any app on devices. Android gives application developers the authority to grant viewing permissions from a special area called Other applications.

For example, apps like Facebook Messenger need these permissions to display bubble chat titles or identify callers. However, malicious applications use this permission for different purposes and try to show ads or other things on the home screen. When you are exposed to these types of ads, you need to identify the application sending the ads. If it usually doesn't show up before, check the applications or files it installed later. Once you've identified these apps, follow these steps to turn off permission:

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  • Long press the icons of the relevant applications and enter the application information from the menu that opens.
  • Switch to display over other apps
  • On the screen that will open, turn off the "Allow display over other applications" option.
How to block ads on the phone 1
How to block ads on the phone

Checking Site Notifications in Google Chrome

It may not be a good idea to allow every website to send notifications in real time from the device. Some sites may send unnecessary content to the notification center instead of sending useful notifications.

To turn off unnecessary notifications from websites, follow these steps:

  1. Long press the icon of the Google Chrome application and tap the “i” icon in the menu that appears.
  2. Then enter the Notifications area.
  3. Go to All Site notifications.
  4. Check the allowed sites area and the number of notifications each site has sent recently.
  5. Disable notification permissions for sites you do not know or find unnecessary.
How to block ads on the phone 2
How to block ads on phone Android

Ad Blocking Apps on Android Phone

Apps like AdBlockPlus, AdClear, AdGuard, AdAway, and AdLock provide a cleaner browsing experience by blocking ads.

  • AdBlockPlus: It is an application known for its user-friendly interface. Besides stopping ads, it also provides privacy protection.
  • AdClear: Working without requiring root access, AdClear provides effective filtering of in-app ads as well as browser ads.
  • AdGuardOffering both ad blocking and tracker protection, AdGuard helps internet users browse the internet more safely.
  • AdAway: Requiring root access, AdAway offers filter options for phone-wide ad blocking and customization.
  • AdLock: In addition to blocking ads, this application also protects against malware and keeps user data safe.

Browsers that stand out with their ad blocking features are:

  • Firefox Focus: Focused on privacy, this browser automatically blocks ads and offers tracker protection.
  • Brave: Coming with a built-in ad blocker, Brave provides a fast and safe browsing experience.
  • Free Adblocker ve Adblock Browser: These browsers offer a cleaner and faster browsing experience by blocking ads.
  • BlockThis: This browser blocks ads and trackers and also saves data.

This is our article about how to block ads on the phone and ad blocking applications on the phone.

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