Arçelik TV WiFi does not connect, internet settings do not connect

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We explained what to do when the Arçelik TV does not connect to wireless internet. Additionally, we introduced you to the illustrated internet settings section of the screen.

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Arçelik TV wifi not connectingand before telling you what to do in general problems such as invalid connection, wrong password / password error and connection terminated when you want to connect.Arçelik internet settingsSee the article.

Let us emphasize that the warning message received during connection is important for the solution. The message may mean that it is related to an incorrect operation on the modem, on the TV, or on your part.

  • Let's make sure that the modem's wifi light is on.
  • If both devices support WPS, let's make the connection with this feature.
  • Let's try by plugging in a cable
  • Try the entered password on another device

These are some suggestions that are important and can be considered as the first check for a solution. We recommend that you do not seek help from us until our suggestions have been tested and followed to the letter.

You will carry out more detailed operations with our suggestion article that we added to the first line of the article. However, we listed the general steps and then added what to do in the solution.

  • Press the menu section of the remote control.
  • Enter the setting sign from above.
  • Go to the “Network” section from the incoming tabs.
  • Go to the “Change connection type” section and change it to wireless.
  • Press “Select access point” and wait.
  • From the wifi networks that appear, select the one you want to enter and confirm.
  • Enter the password of the network correctly.

Arçelik TV WiFi does not connect, internet settings do not connectArçelik TV internet settings

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Arçelik TV WiFi not connecting problem

Details were shared with the suggestion link above and we will have further suggestions. But these will change depending on the warning you have received.

  • Let's test it from another device to make sure of the password. We can also control it from within the modem.
  • Check the modem's wireless light.
  • Try changing the channel setting on your modem.
  • On some televisions, there may be an option for network reset.
  • With WPS, there are always smooth connections.
  • Move the modem away from radio-like magnetic fields.
  • The modem and TV may need to be reset to factory settings.

Arçelik TV WiFi not connecting problem

Arçelik Smart TV software problem

Sometimes a software-related problem can cause a connection problem. Although not directly related to this situation, we encountered a similar problem and manual software installation worked as a solution.

Those who want to install the software can call TV customer services and download the software file by e-mail or from the website. Afterwards, you can perform the update process using a flash disk.

Update Date: March 21, 2020, 20:50

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