We found a tracking cookie on your Avast computer...

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We encountered a system that received a warning saying "Avast is being monitored, we found 7 tracking cookies on your computer". For those who encounter such a message for the first time, I wonder if it is spyware?

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The Avast "You are being monitored" warning raises the question of whether the computer is infected with a virus. Of course, first of all, you may need to know the working structure of the antivirus program you are using. Some of them can be very sensitive and there are software that offer such options. This may be due to either the WiFi network used or the sites visited in the web browser.

In order to understand what the warning is about, you need to click on the troubleshoot button. You will see the action taking place on the screen and it will probably show you its source as well. You will proceed according to what comes out here.

To understand whether it is a virus or not:

  • You can try connecting to the same network with another computer with the same virus program installed.
  • Disconnect your internet connection and test using another network or phone's tethering.
  • You can use the history of the browsers you use (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge…) and also the reset option if you wish.
  • Test for the virus and also download and start the online virus scan from the internet.
  • Depending on the situation, run system restore and go back to a day when the problem did not occur.

We think these will offer a solution. Maybe there is a suspicious application or virus on one of the devices on the network. This may extend to keyloggers.

Those who think that it always appears on the computer should try what we wrote and then make system updates, if any. We recommend removing any installed unknown programs that do not work. If there is still a problem, please notify the software company.

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Avast has found a tracking cookie on your computer...

Update Date: January 15, 2021, 20:44

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