What is Bad Internet Connection Avoided?

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What is bad internet connection avoided?

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This problemAndroid cell phonevetabletIt is rarely seen in the ReasonIP conflictfrom. So phone/tabletWi-Fi networkreceived while connecting toIP addressIt means it is used on another device or computer.

Bad Internet Connection Avoided

Nowadays, internet connection plays a critical role in almost everyone's life. However, occasionally encountering a bad internet connection can negatively impact the user experience. “Bad internet connection avoided” means preventing or resolving such problems. Understanding ways to improve internet performance can provide a smoother online experience. Here is a comprehensive article on this subject:

Causes of Bad Internet Connection:

  1. Heavy Traffic Times:Internet service providers may experience heavy traffic at certain times. Especially in the evening, many users using the internet at the same time may cause a decrease in speed.
  2. Infrastructure Problems:Problems occurring in cable or fiber optic infrastructure may negatively affect internet speed. Technical difficulties in the infrastructure may cause speed losses.
  3. Modem and Router Problems:Technical problems of modem or router devices may cause the internet connection to weaken. It is important to check for hardware updates and connections regularly.
  4. Wireless Signal Strength:If using a wireless network, signal strength is important. The use of different devices or the location of the devices may affect the strength of wireless signals.
  5. Data Limitations:Data limitations in the internet plan used may cause the speed to decrease. When the data limit is reached, internet service providers can often throttle speeds.

Solutions to Avoid Bad Internet Connection:

  1. Take a Speed ​​Test:Test your internet speed regularly. Speed ​​test results will help you evaluate the current situation and identify problems.
  2. Keep Modem and Router Updated:Check for software updates on modem and router devices. Updates can improve performance and fix speed issues.
  3. Prefer Wired Connections:If possible, connect your devices wired. Wired connections generally offer a more stable internet experience.
  4. Strengthen Wireless Network:If using a wireless network, place the modem or router in a more convenient location. Also consider choosing a different Wi-Fi channel to avoid confusion with neighboring networks.
  5. Check Tariffs and Limitations:Check the bandwidth limitations of the internet plan you are using. If you're approaching your data limit, consider a plan change.
  6. Contact Your Internet Service Provider:If the problem persists, contact your internet service provider. They can check the infrastructure issues and provide you with a better solution.

What is Bad Internet Connection Avoided?

For example, when making another connectionmobile deviceconnected. In the meantime, you are making connections. The device came across the same IP. Of course, think about it, if many devices are connecting to the modem you are connecting to wirelessly, thenIP conflict reasonThe warning you will receive with “bad internet connection avoidedI".

Below we have included some suggestions for solutions. These suggestions will lead to a definitive solution. Try these steps one by one and move on to the next step.

  1. Turn off and turn on the device you are connecting to.
  2. Turn the modem off and then on.
  3. Go to the network you are connected to from your mobile phone and click "forget network". Try connecting to the wireless network again.
  4. Define IP and DNS manually from the device. The IP address is determined according to the modem IP.
  5. Change the encryption and channel settings from the modem interface.

Bad Internet Connection Avoided IP DNS Settings

What is bad internet connection avoided?
What is Bad Internet Connection Avoided?
Bad internet connection avoided Samsung
Bad internet connection avoided
Bad internet connection avoided Android
bad internet connection

Note: If the sample modem IP address is, you can enter a value between - for the IP you will give to the device. We write in the subnet mask and the modem IP address, i.e., in the default gateway. Recommended DNS addresses are and

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