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The problem of ads popping up on the computer by itself was one of the most common security problems in the past. Nowadays, this situation occurs a little less frequently with both the operating system and the antivirus program used.

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Advertising Virus on Computer

One of the more or less common problems faced by computer users in the past and today is malware called ad viruses. When ad viruses infect your computer, you will constantly encounter unwanted ads. This can change browser settings, cause performance issues, and pose a security risk.

What is Advertising Virus?

An ad virus is malicious software designed to display unwanted advertisements to computer users. These viruses are often found behind online advertisements and negatively affect users' computing experience by showing them annoying pop-ups, banners or redirect links.

Effects of Advertising Viruses

When ad viruses infect your computer, they can cause the following effects:

  1. Unwanted Ads: Constantly appearing unwanted ads in your browser.
  2. Changing Browser Settings: Changing browser settings, such as changing the home page, adding new tabs or toolbars.
  3. Performance Issues: Performance problems such as your computer slowing down or crashing.
  4. Privacy Risk: Ad viruses can track your personal information and transfer this information to malicious parties, posing a privacy risk.

Methods to Get Rid of Advertising Viruses

There are several effective ways to get rid of ad viruses:

  1. Use Reliable Antivirus Software: Install reliable antivirus software on your computer and update it regularly. Antivirus software detects and cleans malware on your computer.
  2. Reset Browser Settings: Resetting browser settings caused by ad viruses can help clean your browser and return it to its normal state.
  3. Check for Updates: Update your operating system and browsers regularly. Security patches and updates can help keep your computer safe.
  4. Do Not Download from Unknown Sources: Avoid downloading software from untrusted sources. Download software only from reliable and official websites.
  5. Use Pop-up Blocking: Enable your browser's pop-up blocking feature or use third-party pop-up blockers.

Note: The steps to be followed for the Windows 10 self-advertising issue are also valid for Windows 11.

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Ads appear on the computer by themselves 1
Ads appear spontaneously on the computer

Problem with Ads Appearing on Your Computer

If you encounter ads popping up unexpectedly while using your browser on your computer, this can often be a sign of a virus or malware. Especially if ad windows constantly appear in browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla and Edge, there is a high probability that your computer is infected.

These types of viruses are usually transmitted through links you click on websites or email attachments. It is important to use an online virus scanning program to clean these ads and viruses from your computer. This way, you can get rid of viruses and pop-up ads by installing and running a single program on your computer.

While this guide will tell you how to do this process step by step, the images below will guide you.

  1. Malwarebytes'u İndirin ve Kurun: As a first step, download and install Malwarebytes on your computer.
  2. Start Scanning: Open Malwarebytes and start a scan on your computer. The program will scan your computer and detect viruses if any.
  3. Review Scan Results: Malwarebytes will show you the scan results. If viruses are found, you can clean them by following the program's instructions.
  4. Reset Browsers: After the virus scan is complete, you can help remove ad pop-ups and other malicious effects by resetting your browsers.
  5. Maintain Regular Scans: To keep your computer secure, continue to run regular virus scans and keep your antivirus program updated.
Ads appear on the computer by themselves 2
Ads appear automatically on the computer
Ads appear on the computer by themselves 3
Solution for ads popping up on your computer by itself

Removing Ad Virus on Computer

To get rid of ad viruses, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Install Malwarebytes or Similar Program: First, download and install Malwarebytes or a similarly useful program on your computer. We recommend using the official websites of the programs. There may be many fake websites that are copied verbatim.
  2. Complete Setup: After the download is completed, run the Malwarebytes installation file and install the program on your computer by following the installation steps.
  3. Start Scanning: Open Malwarebytes and click on the “Scanning” tab on its main screen. Then, select “Scan All Systems” from the “Scan Type” section and click the “Start Scan” button.
  4. Review Scan Results: Malwarebytes will detect potential threats while scanning your computer. Once the scan is complete, go to the “Scan Results” tab and review the threats found.
  5. Clean Threats: Remove infected files that will not cause problems. Malwarebytes can automatically clean any threats it detects. Clean your computer by selecting “Clean All” or “Clean Selected”.
  6. Restart System: After the cleaning process is completed, we recommend that you restart the computer.
  7. System Restore: If there is a problem,system Restorestart the process.

In this article, we have explained some of the steps to be taken to solve the problem of ads appearing on the computer by themselves. For those who want to proceed without trying all the steps, it will be enough to return the system to a problem-free date and scan it with an up-to-date virus program.

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