Bimcell minute sms internet inquiry

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How to query Bimcell remaining usage? Apart from learning the remaining balance, you can easily access internet, minute and SMS usage information.

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Bimcell can be queried both via free call and SMS to find out the remaining usage. Türk Telekom provides subcontracted mobile operator services by making agreements with some companies. One of these, Bimcell, is one of the most preferred such services. It offers more suitable campaigns and packages on prepaid lines, which we generally call prepaid lines.  

You can access Bimcell recipes, packages and campaigns here: It seems like the most advantageous mixed packages right now. Of course, it varies depending on the person's usage. But for medium usage, Bimcell is very advantageous. In fact, when you top up 25 TL or more, you are given 1 GB internet and 500 SMS as a gift for 30 days.

Bimcell remaining usage inquiry

Bimcell internet inquiry and remaining balance inquiry: To inquire about Bimcell remaining usage, you can find out the remaining internet package, SMS package and minutes by calling 9333 or pressing the *123# call button. Inquiries can be made by sending a message. For example, you can find out the remaining internet by typing the remaining internet and sending a message to 5555.

Apart from this, you can learn all the details, that is, the usage details, from the online transactions menu on the Bimcell website. Bimcell SMS inquiry, Bimcell minute inquiry and remaining internet inquiry transactions and the transaction cannot be performed, you can easily check this by entering online transactions.

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  • Open in the browser
  • Enter into online transactions
  • If you do not know the password, dial *952#.
Bimcell minute sms internet inquiry
Bimcell minute sms internet inquiry
Bimcell package not installed
Bimcell internet inquiry
Bimcell TL credit was not loaded
Bimcell minutes inquiry

Bimcell package not installed

This can be seen during TL loading and after purchasing a package. Don't worry, you can apply for a transaction by calling a customer representative for transactions that are not completed during the day. It may also be recommended that you contact the market where you had the transaction done.

Do not start using it until you receive a message stating that the package you purchased is active. But sometimes the upload is done on the line but no SMS may arrive. For this reason, we recommend you call 9333 to clarify the process.   

If you have made an installation and still have your receipt, you can open a claim with it.

I threw away the receipt, what should I do? If you bought it with a credit card, that will be enough. If you paid in cash, you can go to the market and access the relevant watch receipt after a certain hour. Camera footage may be used in areas where objections are made.

  • Switch it to airplane mode and turn it off.
  • Inquire by dialing or calling.
  • Check out the online website.
  • Contact the place where the transaction took place.
  • Wait for 4-5 hours.

We have provided the necessary information about Bimcell minute SMS internet inquiry service.

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