Brightness settings on Samsung monitor

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How to adjust brightness settings on Samsung brand monitors? What steps should we follow to adjust contrast settings on Samsung monitors?

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SamsungThe company is a company that produces products in different areas of technology. It offers top products, especially in the television, monitor and smartphone sectors. We can say that these two product groups make serious sales in our country. With the development of televisions, we now have many options. Companies provide users with the opportunity to make many settings in these new technology products. We have the opportunity to adjust everything from color options to brightness settings on televisions and monitors.

In this news, we will explain how to adjust the brightness settings on Samsung brand monitors and what steps you need to follow for this process.

Brightness settings on Samsung Monitors

To adjust the brightness, also known as contrast, follow the steps below. Let's make a reminder before we start the process.Dynamic Contrast'ofMagicBrightIn mode this setting is not available. You can use the buttons on the top, bottom or side of the screen to adjust these settings, that is, the brightness settings. The reason why we cannot say for sure the location is that the company changes the location of these buttons depending on the models. In the setting section, which you will reach shortly, as the number increases, the brightness on the screen increases. As the number gets smaller, the darkness becomes more prevalent on the screen.

Brightness settings on Samsung Monitor

  • First press the Menu button as seen in the picture above.
  • Then on the screenBrightness settings on Samsung MonitorContinue your operations by pressing this button.
  • Then select the Picture Mode option with the arrow keys on the screen.
  • Later againMonitor brightness settingsPress the button.
  • Again from the optionsBrightness Select the brightness option with the help of arrows.

Brightness settings on Samsung Monitors

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  • Once you reach the screen above, you can increase or decrease the brightness using the arrows.

Update Date: 10 May 2017, 13:40

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