There were internet disruptions today too

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online , do some pages open slowly? The reason for this is that Selahattin Demirtaş was detained in Diyarbakır. It seems that this situation arose around the same time that the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office issued a detention order for him.

The first problem came after Demirtaş's post on Twitter. The state blocked access to some social networking sites. Of course, naturally the internet slowed down.

So is this ban necessary? I think it is necessary. In recent years, we have all seen the power of social media. Naturally, the state takes precautions as these forces may make moves that will harm our country. Let there be no access to Facebook and Twitter in a short time.

Since this problem is temporary, you'd better wait. But it is generally used for logging in to auxiliary applications.

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As a warning, let us remind you that unknown programs can damage systems. Sometimes it can be seen that the virus is infected.

Why is the internet slow today 04.11.2016

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