Using ChatGPT with Siri on iPhone

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Would you like to use ChatGPT on iPhone? Do you know that ChatGPT and Siri can be used at the same time?

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Artificial intelligence has been among the studies carried out for applications for a long time. Search engines, including Google, continue to update their searches using this feature.

With the introduction of chat applications with artificial intelligence into the technology market, giant companies began to make moves. I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but ChatGPT comes up from time to time from last year to this year. Serious work is being done for this application with artificial intelligence. We wanted to share an example study with you.

Using ChatGPT with Siri

Siri is one of the voice assistants with artificial intelligence. It is an application that has been serving for a long time. However, when we take a look at Siri, we see that it is inadequate. It needs to go a long way in terms of vocabulary and field width. This is where ChatGPT comes into play.

According to a recent news, ChatGPT can work with Siri. We seem to hear those who say it can't happen or those who ask how it happens.

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First of all, let us point out that there are certain requirements for you to use the two applications together.

Installing ChatGPT on iPhone

1- Siri ChatGPT shortcut

Integration of the two services is done through a shortcut available in iOS. In this, the Siri shortcut will be downloaded. The shortcut known as Siri Pro will be used here. Of course, you can change the name of this shortcut if you want.

For the Siri Pro shortcut, .

ChatGPT Siri 6 on iPhone
ChatGPT iPhone download

Download the tool from the link but do not run it.

2- Getting ChatGPT API key

To use ChatGPT services successfully with Siri, you need to use the API service. You will be able to access this key with an OpenAI account.

this . If you have an account, log in, otherwise create an account. Then use the “Generate new secret key” option. Copy the key on the page and make a note of it.

ChatGPT Siri 2 on iPhone
Get ChatGPT API key
ChatGPT Siri 3 on iPhone
How to get ChatGPT API key
ChatGPT Siri 5 on iPhone
Get iPhone ChatGPT API key

3- Run Siri Pro

  • Run the Siri Pro tool we downloaded before.
  • Use the 3 dots to enter the settings of the tool you downloaded.
  • Enter the key we copied before into the field that tells you to enter the ChatGPT API key under a dialog box titled Text. Then tap Done in the top area.
  • You can try the downloaded Siri Pro by running it and using it with Siri.
ChatGPT Siri 7 on iPhone
How to run Siri Pro on iPhone

When you touch the 3 dots in the picture above, you will see the following warning. Continue with OK.

ChatGPT Siri 8 on iPhone
Siri Pro API key field on iPhone

The field where you will enter the key.

ChatGPT Siri on iPhone 10
Entering the Siri Pro API key field on iPhone

Last step: Just say Hey Siri, Siri Pro to run it.

ChatGPT Siri not responding?

Depending on the load on ChatGPT servers, sometimes the application may not work properly. When you try it from time to time, you will see that it works without any problems. We think you will get more logical results than Siri.

ChatGPT sometimes becomes unresponsive when using it with Siri. It varies depending on overload or performance of the device. You can consider the service as beta for now.

Is ChatGPT available on Android?

Unfortunately, it currently only works on iOS devices. This is thanks to Apple's shortcut application. However, in the coming days, ChatGPT, a tool to be run within Android, will be released.

I have personally prepared for you a illustrated explanation of how to use ChatGPT with Siri on iPhone. I hope it was useful.

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