ConfigUpdater and android.process.acore stopped

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We have prepared a detailed explanation for the General mobile android.process.acore has stopped and ConfigUpdater has stopped problem due to the e-mail we received.

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We wanted to share with you what a user who rooted his General Mobile Etab 4 tablet wrote to get help. They rooted the device and after using it for a while, it was necessary to reset the tablet and after doing this, I cannot download applications. While the application is loading, it stays on the "waiting" message and waits like this. Not only that, but it also constantly gives another warning saying, unfortunately, android.process.acore has been stopped. As if that wasn't enough, another problem occurred: ConfigUpdater has stopped. So no, no. 🙂

In his application for help, he wrote that he was using SuperSu. This application may cause the device not to turn on, remain on the logo, or cause software to work on some devices. Of course, we cannot say for sure that this is the reason, but it may be due to the hard reset. Performing this operation means that subsequent operations are transferred to the tablet. In other words, if it is a tablet given for the MEB's Fatih project, it means that your transactions are gone.

We can say that tablets are very important in EBA live lessons these days due to COVID 19. We can say that many users who do not have tablets or have problems with them have bought new tablets.

To solve ConfigUpdater stopped and android.process.acore stopped:

  1. Uninstall SuperSu and any applications that may cause problems.
  2. Reset to factory setting.
  3. Maybe a hard reset may provide a solution.
  4. Download a compatible ROM.
  5. General mobile tablet password crackingFollow what we wrote in our article. (Required procedures may differ depending on the model)

Those with technical knowledge should apply these, most likely a solution will come. Three important points to consider when installing software from scratch are;

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  • It must be original or compatible software.
  • Avoiding behaviors that will cause the device not to be opened in a frequently performed incorrect operation.
  • Those with insufficient knowledge definitely need expert support.

Let's pay attention to these and say that those who want to get help can only get information if they call the relevant number depending on the situation.

ConfigUpdater and android.process.acore stopped

ConfigUpdater has stopped error

Update Date: September 14, 2020, 22:27

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