Connected2. account closure and blocking by reporting me

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Connected2. We will try to show with pictures what to do to close an account with a complaint and what to do to open a closed account. Your account has been permanently blocked.

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Connected2, one of the social networking applications, has the stories and easy messaging area we are used to. You may also encounter an offer to purchase a paid VIP Badge. You can have many priorities with the Plus feature, which allows you to be constantly on the Shuffle screen.

Connected2. We can say that one of the reasons why the closure question is asked in the me application is because the transaction cannot be performed or the registered account can no longer be accessed. In other words, you may experience the problem of forgetting the password of the e-mail account you used to open the account.

Connected2 instead of account deletion. We want you to see the me account deactivation option. You will be presented with options with an advanced section. If you are going to take action due to a situation that makes you uncomfortable, they want to help you with different suggestions.

For those wondering how to delete an account, we leave the following list below:

  1. Open the app and tap your profile icon at the bottom.
  2. Enter the settings screen, that is, the gear in the left corner.
  3. At the bottom click "Deactivate my account"
  4. You are asked why you want such a thing. (I don't like it, I want to take a break, start from scratch, since there is a malfunction and you can explain it yourself with the other)

Here you want to change the anon username and if it doesn't work, they offer you a solution from this area. If you encounter subheadings within a title.

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For those who want to open an account, download the application from the device store and complete your process by “Create your profile” / select your username / enter your e-mail address and password / add date of birth, gender and photo.

Those who want to report a problem:

  • Enter the settings from the profile area.
  • Tap “Send comment suggestion”.
  • Select one of the options such as technical problem, complaint and suggestion.
  • They will offer you a space to write.

Connected2. account closure and blocking by reporting me

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Connected2. To complain to me:

The procedures for an account complaint are very simple, but if a legal situation has arisen, we recommend that you apply through the prosecutor's office. It has been observed that some friends continue to use different accounts even though they remove photos or close their accounts by complaining. Therefore, we think that a legal application would be more effective.

Enter the profile section of the account to be reported and tap the 3-dot section at the top. You will be presented with block and report options. You can submit a review request by selecting the reason here.

Update Date: December 11, 2020, 17:21

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