Country blocking from website server

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How to block WHM / Cpanel country / countries? It is possible with the newly added Countries Management feature. China, Russia, USA/America, UK, Italy, Germany, India, Japan, Netherlands and more. Preventing site attacks!

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WHMIn other words, we can call it “Web Host Manager”, briefly the server host manager. This is server management software. It requires root permission. Its users are used on Reseller, VPS, VDS and Dedicated servers.

Website country blockingUpdate: With the new update to WHM, country-based users can now be blocked. Websites in Turkey are mostly attacked by China and Russia. We can say that the other countries that carry out trench attacks are almost equal to the total of these countries.

If "cPHulk brute force protection" is turned on on your server, you can see which countries you receive the most attacks from. So, you can block those countries from your server by following the steps below.

This innovation will be an important security measure especially for WordPress sites.WordPress country blockingOf course, it is not a solution on its own. The reason is that these attacks can be made with VPN programs. But generally obsessed people turn to this method.

How do we know if your site or server / IP is being attacked? In the cPHulk section, under the "Notifications" heading at the bottom, check "Send a notification when the system detects a brute force user". Then save.

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Country blocking from website server

How to block country from server?

If you entered the WHM control panel, type “cPHulk brute force protection” in the search section on the upper left and check whether this feature is turned on. If it is not open, open it. If it is open, follow the steps below.

How to block country from server?cPHulk brute force protection / Countries Management(countries management) / select the following options next to the country you want to block. What we need to do is "BlacklistedChecking the ” box. Then it will do the process automatically.

WHM country blocking commands: Whitelisted= In Whitelist, Not Specified= Not Specified ve Blacklisted= Blocking (country blocking)

How to block country from serverCountry blocking from website servercpanel country blocking

With the above steps, you can now block WordPress country,Cpanel country blockingand countryIP blockingwill be done.

Update Date: May 27, 2018, 19:41

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