Creating an Apple ID Without a Credit Card

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If you want to create an Apple ID for free, that is, without a credit card, you can easily create an account by examining the detailed illustrated explanation below. The device cannot be used without Apple ID.

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You bought an iPhone and you want to open an Apple account to unlock the device, but you cannot open an account without a credit card. So how can you solve this problem?

As a suggestion to create an Apple ID without a credit card, by entering the App Store a free game or application and then using the new " Create Apple ID " button.

Alternatively, by going to clicking Create your Apple ID So how to open an Apple account?

How to Create an Apple ID Without Using a Credit Card?

Apple ID is required to download apps, use iCloud services, and access other Apple services on your Apple devices. When you create an Apple ID, you're usually asked to enter credit card information, but you can create an Apple ID without a credit card. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to create an Apple ID without using a credit card.

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Step 1: Open Your Settings

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Create or Sign in Apple ID

  1. After opening the Settings app, you will be asked to enter your first name, last name, date of birth and other personal information on the screen. Fill in this information completely and accurately.

Step 3: Skip the Credit Card Information Screen

  1. You will be presented with an option stating that you do not want to add a credit card when creating an Apple ID. Skip the “Add Credit Card Information” option or check the “Do not Add Credit Card Information” option.

Step 4: Skip the Payment Information Screen

  1. On the next screen, a page may appear stating that you need to add your payment information. Skip this page or check “I Do Not Want to Add Payment Information”.

Step 5: Create Apple ID

  1. After completing all these steps, complete the Apple ID creation process. Now you have an Apple ID and you can download apps, use iCloud services, and access other Apple services on your device.


  • When creating an Apple ID, you can proceed without entering any credit card information. Carefully follow the options that indicate that you do not want to add credit card information.
  • If you encounter a situation where you need to make a payment in the future, you may be asked to add credit card information. However, this is not a case of the information you added when creating your device's Apple ID.

Creating an Apple ID Without a Credit Card from Apple Store

Opening an Apple Store account: Enter the free section from the application. Click the download button next to any application. Tap “ Create new Apple ID Select Country. Then type the email address and a password you will add to the Apple account. Add questions to the security questions that you know the answers to. This part is very important. We definitely recommend that you add your recovery email address. When you come to the billing information option, continue with the none option.

Warning: Apple registration email is very important. This e-mail is used for operations such as locking the device and downloading applications. For example, you need this email address in cases such as I forgot my Apple ID password or I forgot my iCloud password. Therefore, enter a secure e-mail address whose password you know.

Go to the settings of the e-mail address used as a suggestion and add your mobile phone number. If you want, you can enable it to ask for the security code when logging into the account. Make sure that the password to be used on the Apple account is not the same as the one on your email account.  

Create an App Store Apple ID
Create an Apple ID without a credit card
Create an Apple ID without a credit card
Option to create Apple ID without credit card
get apple id
Opening an Apple ID without a credit card

You can also choose the computer to get an Apple ID. You open an account from a Windows computer, then use this account with “Use existing Apple ID”.

Here are the steps to create an Apple ID without a credit card.

Apple ID Removal Problem and Solutions

Apple ID is required to download apps, use iCloud services, and access other Apple services on your Apple devices. However, sometimes there may be problems with the Apple ID and you may want to remove it. In this article, we will provide information about Apple ID removal problems and solutions.

Problem: How to Remove Apple ID?

  1. Removing Apple ID via Settings:
    • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad.
    • Click “Apple ID” or your name.
    • On the page that opens, you should see the “Remove from Device” or “Sign Out” option at the bottom of your ID. You can remove the ID from this device by clicking this option.
    • When you do this, your ID will be removed from this device, but your Apple ID still exists and can be used on other devices.
  2. Contacting Apple Support:
    • Apple ID removal sometimes requires you to unlock the device. However, if you do not have access to your device or are unable to do this, you may consider contacting Apple Support. Apple Support will tell you how you can help with this.
  3. Email and Password Change:
    • Instead of removing Apple ID, you can change your password and make the ID unusable. To do this, go to “” and sign in using your credentials. Change your password and then log out.
  4. Resetting Your Apple Device:
    • This step should be considered as a last resort. If you want to remove the ID from the device and other methods do not work, you may consider resetting your device. However, this process deletes all your data and returns the device to factory settings.


  • Completely removing Apple ID can sometimes be a complicated process and may vary depending on the status of your device.
  • Before removing ID, remember to backup your device so you don't lose your data.

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