Partitions formatted while installing Custom ROM

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What steps should we follow in the recovery section when installing Custom ROM on Android phones? Which partitions are formatted during Custom ROM?

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The word ROM is among the words we hear frequently. Rums are called by two different names among themselves. The first is stock ROM and the other is custom ROM. In this news, we will explain the custom ROM option and publish which sections you need to delete during installation.

Using custom ROM will offer you a different infrastructure and a different operating system experience. It can be defined as rewriting the custom ROM process and presenting it as a different operating system, or adapting it to older models by flashing the operating system used in different models of a brand. To give an example of these options, the first part is the CyanogenMod custom rom, which has a special design and makes later versions of the Android operating system compatible with older models. When we exemplify the other part, it is installing the Galaxy Note7 operating system on the Galaxy S4 model. Frankly, the second example is more attractive.

Sections that need to be formatted when installing Custom ROM

You can find the flashed version of the software of any model phone you want on the internet. Here it is important to pay attention to this: do not download any custom ROM file and install it on your phone. You can find the most problematic custom ROM files by following people who have experience in this field and have installed this version.

After this introduction, we continue our explanation assuming that your phone is rooted and the Philz Touch 5 application is installed on your phone. Start your phone in recovery mode by pressing the volume up + home + power of your phone together, as seen in the picture below

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  • First, before you start installing the custom ROM, click on Wipe Data / Factory Reset,
  • Then Wipe Cache Partition .
  • After this process, click on Mounts and Storage format/system .
  • Finally, Wipe Cache Dalvik option in Advanced.

Sections that need to be formatted when installing Custom ROM

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