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The problem of no sound in Discord is mostly asked as there is no sound from the game when Discord is open. This topic explains why there is no sound in the game and what needs to be done to fix it.

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Before moving on to the topics we have prepared for Discord other party's no sound or general sound problems, the first thing Windows 10 or Windows 11 users will do the system restore feature. This will resolve any subsequent problems.

Discord No Sound Problem

We have compiled the best options in an article for problems such as Discord game sound is not coming or there is no sound when it is open. This information is effective methods for different usage problems.

First Discord Settings to Check:

When encountering any audio or video issue, it is important to check the Discord settings below first. By following these steps, you can determine the source of the problem and make the necessary corrections:

  1. Check for Mutes or Deaf:
    • Could you have muted or deafened yourself or another user? To do this, look for the slashes on the microphone or headphone icon.
    • Additionally, if you have been muted or deafened by an administrator within the server, contact the server owner or administrators to correct this situation.
  2. Check Input/Output Devices:
    • Check your input and output devices by going to Settings > Audio & Video.
    • Make sure your microphone and speakers are connected to the correct device.
  3. Check Sound Levels:
    • In Settings > Audio & Video, check your audio levels.
    • Check whether the other party can hear you and whether you can hear the other party by adjusting the microphone and speaker volume levels.
  4. Check VPN or Firewalls:
    • If you use a VPN, this can cause problems. Disable VPN and check the problem.
    • Review your firewall settings. Make sure there are firewall rules that allow Discord to communicate.
  5. Make Sure Discord is Up to Date:
    • Make sure your Discord app is up to date. Updates may help resolve issues.

Check Channel/Role Permissions:

If the audio, audio or video problem occurs on a particular channel or server, you can follow the steps below to resolve this situation:

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  1. Check Permissions:
    • Contact the server owner or administrator and make sure you have the correct role or channel permissions.
    • Required permissions typically include audio-related permissions such as “Connect,” “Talk,” and “Video.”
  2. Enable Permissions:
    • From the server settings or the settings of a private channel, go to the permissions tab.
    • Enable Connect, Talk and Video permissions. These permissions are required for users to communicate via voice.
    (Note: You need to add a link for the screenshot.)

Check Audio Settings:

If you cannot hear a particular user, the problem may be caused by their audio settings. You can control the volume of an individual user by following these steps:

  • On Desktop or Browser:
    • Right click on the user's icon.
    • Adjust “User Volume” using the volume slider from the menu that opens.
  • In Mobile Application:
    • In a voice channel or voice call, tap the member icon in the upper right corner.
    • After selecting the user, change the “Volume Settings” using the volume slider.
Discord no sound 2
Discord no sound problem

Desktop Troubleshooting:

You can follow the steps below to resolve issues with your desktop app:

  1. Compatible Operating System:
    • Check if your operating system is compatible with the Discord app. For more information about the operating system and system requirements, see the Operating System and System Requirements article.
  2. Operating System Updates:
    • Make sure the operating system on your computer is fully up to date.
  3. Discord Updates:
    • Make sure your Discord app is on the latest version.
    • To update, you can close the application and reopen it or refresh the page by pressing Ctrl/CMD + R.
  4. Restart:
    • Close your Discord app completely and then open it again.
    • Restart your computer if necessary.
  5. Hardware Connections:
    • If you're using a headset, microphone, or webcam, make sure the USB or input jacks are securely connected.
  6. App Permissions:
    • Make sure your Discord app has permissions to use the microphone and camera.
    • Check the application permissions on your computer.

Next Steps for Desktop Users:

You can follow the steps below to fix audio and video problems:

  1. Check Login Mode:
    • Go to Audio and Video Settings.
    • Click the gear icon in the lower left corner.
    • Select “Audio & Video” in the left sidebar.
    • Check your input mode and make sure you haven't accidentally switched to Push to Talk mode.
  2. Check Input/Output Devices:
    • Check your input and output devices in the Sound Settings section.
    • Make sure it's set up correctly for the device you're using.
  3. Check Audio Settings:
    • Check your Audio Settings for your input and output mode.
    • Try to fix the problem by adjusting the volume levels.
  4. Reset Sound Settings:
    • Try resetting your audio and sound settings by pressing the “Reset Sound Settings” button.
  5. Quality of Service Settings:
    • Scroll down to the Quality of Service section.
    • Try disabling the “Ensure High Packet Priority for Quality of Service” option.

Advanced Steps for Desktop Users:

  1. Restart Your Computer:
    • Sometimes restarting your computer can help apply updates.
  2. Reinstall Discord:
    • Completely uninstall and reinstall the Discord app. the installation file you need from this link .
  3. Check Ports:
    • Check for any differences by plugging the headset, microphone, or webcam into different USB or audio ports.
  4. Disable Krisp Noise Cancellation:
    • Go to User Settings > Audio and Video. Scroll down to the Advanced section. Toggle the switch on the right to disable Noise Cancellation.
    For more information about Krisp, check out the FAQ page.
  5. Scan Your Device for Viruses:
    • Scan your device to check for possible viruses.
    • Once clean, restart your computer and try temporarily disabling your antivirus scanner.
  6. Download Discord Beta Version:

Troubleshooting Steps for Computer Users Only:

  1. Run Discord as Administrator:
    • Right-click on the Discord shortcut and try the “Run as administrator” option.
  2. Disable Microphone Enhancements:
    • Go to the Sound Control Panel and select the Recording tab.
    • Right-click on your recording device, select “Properties”.
    • In the properties window, go to the “Enhancements” tab and try disabling enhancements.
  3. Replace Audio Subsystem:
    • In the Audio and Video tab, scroll down to Audio Subsystem settings.
    • Try changing it from “Standard” to “Legacy” or vice versa.
  4. For Video Problems:
    • In the Audio and Video tab, scroll down to the Video Codec section.
    • Try disabling the H.264 Hardware Acceleration option.
    • Try disabling the AV1 video codec option as well, especially if you're experiencing video issues.
Discord no sound 1
Discord no sound error

Troubleshooting Browser Problems:

If you are logging in using a browser via and experiencing audio, video or audio problems, you can follow the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. Check Browser Compatibility:
    • Check if your browser and browser version are compatible with Discord.
    • To check browser compatibility, go to Discord's browser compatibility page.
  2. Set Microphone and Camera Permissions:
    • When you log in to Discord via browser, check the microphone and camera access permissions.
    • Check browser permissions.
  3. Follow Desktop Troubleshooting Steps:
    • Make sure your operating system is up to date.
    • Check that your audio/audio, video, webcam or graphics card drivers are up to date.
    • Make sure you connect your headphones, microphone, and webcam securely.
    • Scan and clean your device for possible viruses.
    • Restart your computer or device.

We have explained to you the most effective steps for Discord no sound complaints.

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