Does it turn off when you plug the phone into charge?

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iPhone’ da pek olmaz ama Huawei’ de veya Samsung’ ta telefonu şarja takınca kapanıyor sorunu görülebiliyor. Temelde olabilecek hataları aşağıya ekledik.

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Some people show that the charge is fully charged when using an external battery kit or case, but their own battery shows empty, and when I disconnect the external connection and plug it into the charger, it says that the phone turns off. In some cases, it says that it has entered download mode by itself and when I restart the phone and plug it into the charger, the phone turns off. Now we will have different explanations for these two problems. So this situation seems relative.

In the first case, since it was tried with an external battery, in our opinion, the result is that the battery of the device is problematic. In the second case, if the user did not enter the relevant mode by pressing the buttons, a problem occurred in the software, that is, it flew away and a situation such as a direct software installation suggestion was encountered. Of course, it may be necessary to try it with other chargers and batteries.

The problem turns off when the phone is charged

The problem of turning off the phone when you plug it into the charger is a problem that many people encounter. There can be several reasons for this problem, but usually it could be an issue with the charger or battery. You can solve this problem by following the steps below.

  1. Change the charger: First of all, I recommend that you change the charger you use to charge your phone. By using a different charger, you can tell if the problem is caused by the charger.
  2. Check the cable: If the cable used in your charger is damaged, it may cause a shutdown problem while charging your phone. Check if the cable is cracked, frayed or broken and replace if necessary.
  3. Check the battery: Your phone's battery may be causing the shutdown issue regardless of the charger or cable. Therefore, check your battery and replace it if there is a problem.
  4. Update the software: If the software on your phone is not up-to-date, it may cause a shutdown problem that is not caused by the charger. You can solve the problem by updating the software on your phone.
  5. Reset the phone to factory settings: If you have tried the steps above and your phone still turns off when plugged in, you can reset your phone to factory settings. This process helps you check whether the problem is a software problem by resetting your phone. Plushard resetThese steps may also need to be tried.

By following the steps above, you can solve the problem of your phone turning off when plugged into charging. However, if the problem persists, you may need to take your phone to a technical service.

They will be examined for the problem of the phone turning off when plugged into the charger.

Things to examine in similar cases:

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  • Most often the battery is faulty or dead. Sometimes it becomes clear that the battery is swollen unnoticeably when it is removed.
  • Cases when the charger malfunctions or does not have its own device.
  • Because the device used is a sub-industry product of poor quality.
  • The battery has been changed before and a poor quality product was used.
  • Problems that arise due to insufficient or high values ​​of the adapter used.
  • Irregular charging. (Don't plug it in and out frequently before it's full, and don't let it charge in a warm place)
  • Observing software-related problems.

Let's state that these issues are important and move forward with the steps to be tried without damaging the solution. We recommend you to review the sample information above as well as in our previous article, we mentioned a ROM-related problem seen in Xiaomi.

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Error: Phone shuts down when plugged into charger

Insufficient free space problem

Due to lack of free space on smart devices, we occasionally encounter slowdowns and error messages. Although many users say that there is enough free space on their device, it is actually insufficient for the system to operate comfortably.

Applications and system are not up to date

Problems may occur in applications from time to time due to the updates not being applied. Of course, this problem can also occur when there is an update. When there is a problem in the compatibility of applications with each other, closing problems occur again. What will be implemented here will be to go back to previous versions and try with them. Of course, if you don't know which application is causing the problem, start with the application you last installed.

What to do in case of hardware problems

The above steps need to be tried to determine whether the device shuts down after charging due to a hardware malfunction. Afterwards, it needs to be tried with a different charger and the charging port (socket) needs to be checked. It is possible that when the adapter is plugged in, it may cause a short circuit or other problem.

Charging socket problem

Faults in charging sockets may restrict the use of the phone or even render the phone unusable. Therefore, the issue of charging socket failure on the phone is very important. In this article, we will cover what you need to know about charging socket failure on the phone.

Causes of charging socket failure on the phone

The reasons for malfunctions in the phone's charging socket may be:

  1. Physical damage: The charging socket may be damaged as a result of the phone falling or being hit. Therefore, it is recommended to use a phone case and protective glass to protect the phone.
  2. Pollution: Dust, dirt and other foreign materials accumulated on the charging socket may cause the socket to malfunction. Therefore, it is important to keep the phone's charging socket clean.
  3. Duration of use: Charging sockets of phones may wear out and malfunction as a result of continuous use. This situation may be seen more frequently, especially on phones used daily.
  4. Usage errors: Chargers or cables incorrectly inserted into the phone's charging socket may cause the socket to malfunction. Additionally, the voltage, current and power of the charger are also important factors. Using the wrong charger may cause the phone's charging socket to malfunction.

Symptoms of charging socket failure on the phone

To understand that there is a malfunction in the phone's charging socket, you need to pay attention to the following symptoms:

  1. The phone not charging or experiencing constant interruptions while charging.
  2. The charging cable becomes difficult to plug into the socket or does not fit fully into the socket.
  3. The charging cable falls out of the socket or comes out frequently.
  4. If there is physical damage such as broken, bent or cracks on the charging socket of the phone, this may also be a sign of a malfunction.

How to repair charging socket failure on the phone?

If you have detected a malfunction in your phone's charging socket, you can fix the problem by following the steps below:

  1. Clean the charging socket: You can use thin tools such as a toothpick or a brush to clean the charging socket of the phone. However, be careful when cleaning the socket as you may scratch or damage the socket.
  1. Replace the charging cable: If the charging cable is causing the socket to malfunction, you can fix the problem by purchasing a new charging cable.
  2. Repair the charging socket: If there is physical damage to the phone's charging socket, it may be necessary to replace or repair the socket. To do this, it is recommended that you take the phone to a technician.
  3. Replace the charger: If the charger is causing the socket to malfunction due to incorrect voltage, current or power, you can fix the problem by using a suitable charger.
  4. Replace your phone: If your phone's charging socket is beyond repair or the cause of the malfunction is unknown, you may need to replace your phone.

A malfunction of the charging socket on the phone can restrict the use of the phone and even make the phone unusable. Therefore, it is important to maintain your phone's charging socket and clean it regularly. You can also prevent the socket from malfunctioning by using your phone's charger and cable correctly. If you detect a charging socket malfunction on your phone, you can solve the problem using the methods mentioned above. However, if there is physical damage to the socket, it is recommended that you take your phone to a technician.

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