Exxen you can have an active session on one device at a time

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You can have an active session on one device at a time. Please close your other active sessions or close and reopen your application.

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Exxen has entered broadcasting life and is slowly filling out its content. We see that minor problems are being reported on Acun's local platform these days. There are people who say that one of these, the error "You can only have an active session on one device at a time", keeps popping up. In the rest of the article, it is recommended to close other active sessions or close your application and reopen it. Many of those who do encounter the same screen.

We think that the reason why it is perceived as if you are using two accounts at the same time is due to the momentary disruptions. It may cause problems if it is during a period of intense use or if work is being carried out.

There may be connection density with others or within your region. We recommend that you make the necessary checks after doing your research.

Exxen you can have an active session on one device at a time

Exxen problem on one device at a time

We recommend following the steps in the order. Apart from these, it would also be beneficial to contact the product's call center. Have the device values ​​checked and the line can also be examined from the internet source.

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  1. If available, try to log in from another location or device.
    • The devices also need to be tested.
    • Spare box can be tested manually upon request.
  2. We recommend performing a password reset.
    • It's both about security and the possibility of forgetting.
  3. If an additional security method can be added, please add it.
    • You can benefit from verification via mobile and e-mail when logging in.
  4. Check the internet and restart the modem just in case.
    • Problem with not getting DNS and IP.
    • Ban occurrence situations.
    • Constant disconnections.
  5. Unplug it, wait and plug it in.
    • It may occur in products that are left open for long periods of time.
  6. It may get stuck when you log in frequently or use multiple devices.
    • Suspicious behavior will have a sanction.
    • You may be logged in to a device you don't know.

As a solution, the corresponding steps need to be implemented. Of course, the infrastructure or building-related conditions of your region also need to be taken into consideration.

Update Date: June 16, 2021, 05:36

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