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We showed the steps of turning on and off notification sounds on Facebook account with illustrated explanations. If you want, you can choose to receive notifications even when the account is closed in these settings. So how to do it?

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Facebook has trouble with privacy and security these days, it continues to be the most used social network in the world. Of course, such a large network has many problems. Account login errors, problems with forgetting your password and not being able to answer login questions, privacy, theft of account and personal data...

In this news, we also included that, in addition to these problems, users sometimes do not know where the user settings are made or cannot find them without trying. Most account holders can find what they are looking for with a little effort. We have explained a few unimportant steps.

Are you bothered by notification sounds? Or do you want to turn on notification sounds? You can also explore the different steps in these processes. Just read it carefully.

Facebook Notification Settings

the notification sound also turning off the notification sound should do.

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Enter the settings from the account profile section. Go to the "Notifications" section on the side. Then click on “Edit” in the “On Facebook” option. Then you can turn on or off the options you deem important in the opened area.

Those who have audio problems in Facebook video calling should try it on a computer or a different device. Also on a different Facebook account. Sometimes, some errors in video calls may be account-related.

Facebook notification sounds sound settings
Facebook notification sounds sound settings

If it crashes or appears inactive when entering the relevant area, change your browser or open an incognito tab and try. If it continues, do not take any action for a while.

Facebook audio settings
Facebook notification sound settings
Facebook notification sounds
Facebook will be done via browser
Open Facebook audio settings
Sound settings related to notifications

Facebook Notification Sounds Are Not Sounding

All settings made for testing need to be reviewed. Then, turning it off and on again and trying it again may fix the problem, if any.

If an error occurs in the transactions, it must be tried with different browsers, internet and devices. These may be useful in cases of suspicious behavior. Or waiting a day without taking action may work.

In order to test it for penalties or temporary restrictions, something needs to be changed and saved in your profile. If it doesn't save, one of these may come to your mind. Of course, there may have been a glitch in the system.

Facebook Notification Sounds Problem: Solutions

Facebook, one of the social media platforms, sends various warnings and updates to its users through notification sounds. However, from time to time users may experience problems with these notification sounds. If notification sounds are missing or not working unexpectedly, this may negatively impact the user experience. In this article, you can find solutions and suggestions for Facebook notification sounds problems.

**1. Check the Device's Sound Settings:

  • In order for notification sounds to work, it is important that your device's sound settings are configured correctly. Check the overall volume of your device and make sure it is not set to silent mode.

**2. Update Facebook App:

  • If your Facebook app is out of date, it may cause notification sounds issues. Try to fix the problem by updating your app via Google Play Store or App Store.

**3. Restart Your Device:

  • Some technical issues can be resolved with a simple reboot. Turn off your device, wait a few seconds and turn it on again.

**4. Check Notification Settings:

  • Check your Facebook app's notification settings. Go to “Notifications and Sounds” in the Settings section. Make sure the correct options for notification sounds are enabled.

**5. Facebook Permissions:

  • In your device's settings, check the Facebook app's permissions to access notifications and sounds. Providing the necessary permissions may resolve the issue.

**6. Check for Connection Issues:

  • Make sure your internet connection is working properly. A poor connection may cause notifications to lag or sounds not to play.

**7. Uninstall and Reinstall the App:

  • There may be a bug in your Facebook application. Uninstall the app and try to fix the problem by reinstalling it.

**8. Facebook Support:

  • If the problem persists, you can contact Facebook Support team. You can report your problem and get support via the Facebook help center.

**9. Check for Device Updates:

  • If your device's operating system is out of date, it may cause notification sounds problems. Check for updates on your device and update if necessary.
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