Facebook email confirmation code not coming problem

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Kullanıcıların bir kısmında, Facebook e-posta onay kodu gelmiyor şikayetleri gelirken, bir kısmında ise ilgili mail hesabına kullanıcının artık erişimi olmadığını görüyoruz. Tabii bunu direk yazmayan kullanıcıların sayısı hayli fazladır.

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Facebook’a üyelik sırasında kullandığınız e-posta hesabına gönderilen onay kodu gelmiyor sorunu zaman zaman karşınıza çıkabiliyor. Doğrulama bağlantısı gelmediğinde neler yapabileceğinizden bahsedeceğiz ve hesaba mail ekleme önerisinde bulunacağız.

We continue to provide solutions to the problems you experience during membership to the social media giant Facebook site. Since there is no phone number like 085000000 where you can get help because your Facebook email code is not available, help forms can always be useful.

Bu makalemizde, Facebook onay bağlantısı gelmediği zaman neler yapabileceğinizi anlatacağız. Onay bağlantısı, Facebook’un üyelik sırasında vermiş olduğunuz e-posta adresinizi doğrulamak için e-posta adresinize gönderdiği linktir. Bu linki almadığınız zaman, birazdan bahsedeceğimiz işlemleri uygulayabilirsiniz.

Facebook email confirmation code not coming

Onay bağlantısını ayrıca, sadece üyelik aşamasında değil yeni bir e-posta eklediğinizde veya e-posta adresinizi değiştirdiğinizde de Facebook göndermektedir. E-posta adresinize gelen bu bağlantı linkine tıkladığınızda, hesabınıza e-posta adresinizi eklemiş olacaksınız.

We can also suggest you a different method other than the ones below. Most people do not know this method, or even if they do, they may not think of using it here. Hotmail and Gmail users who experience the problem of not receiving a Facebook code can find a solution by connecting their e-mail account to another e-mail account. In other words, whatever e-mail address the problem is in, you can connect it to your e-mail account with another extension and forward the e-mails there.

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Connecting Gmail to Hotmail or vice versa, this feature called multi-mail management can be useful.

Facebook email confirmation code not coming problem
Facebook email confirmation code not coming problem

Suggestions for Link not coming to my email address

If you have subscribed to Facebook with your e-mail address, Facebook has definitely sent you a confirmation link. If you cannot find this link, read the following articles:

  • There are multiple different sections in your email address. Check your junk mailbox in these sections.
  • Eğer Gmail adresi ile üyeliği oluşturduysanız, sosyal veya gereksiz alanlardaki e-posta klasörüne bakınız.
  • Also check the e-mail address you entered into the system. Because you may have written the wrong e-mail address. Check and send the confirmation link again.
  • If you cannot create an account despite these steps, sign up with your mobile phone number, which is the other membership option.
  • Transfer your e-mail account to another e-mail provider. Mostly, problems occur with Hotmail accounts. We recommend that you add this account to your Gmail account and manage it from there. We had content about this on our site.
  • We recommend that users who want to reset their password open two tabs in Chrome, keep their email account signed in in one, and start resetting your password in the other. There is a possibility of them connecting with each other.
  • For code problems, please use our suggestion article at the end of the content.
The code is not coming to my email account
Facebook confirmation code not coming error

Things to know about the application, phone and account

Although it is not directly related to the title, there are sometimes cases where updates to applications and devices cause incompatibility. Sometimes, we see that users who directly log into their accounts without a password experience problems after these updates.

There is always the possibility that the applications you install on the devices you use may cause problems. Therefore, check your line by plugging it into another phone. Among the installed applications, it is also recommended to uninstall the applications used as protection, number and message blocking and try them later.

Let's talk about the negativities on the account side.

Facebook code not coming to phone problem

The problem of why the code does not come to the Facebook phone is a problem that can sometimes be experienced in accounts. Although it does not appear on every account, when the confirmation code is not received, Facebook accounts cannot even be logged in.

When people want to make any changes to Facebook's settings, a confirmation code is sent by Facebook. This confirmation code is sent to determine whether the person who wants to make changes is actually the account owner or someone else. Since Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide, people can perform different transactions by stealing each other's accounts. In order to prevent such problems, such practices are carried out.

When you look at our entire content, it answers multiple possible problems. You will see people asking for help asking why the sample verification confirmation code is not coming, as well as people requesting a code because their account has been stolen.

Reasons for not receiving Facebook confirmation code

Consider the possibility that the confirmation code is not coming for many reasons. The code is sent as a message to the e-mail address or phone number connected to the Facebook account. The reasons for not receiving the confirmation code are as follows:

  • The mobile phone may have any problem receiving SMS.
  • Possibility that an installed application is blocking it.
  • If people switch to a different operator, they may encounter the problem of not receiving the confirmation code even if their number does not change.
  • If a change has been made to the SIM card, informative messages may not be sent to the phone for 72 hours for security reasons. This application is generally done for security purposes.
  • Special services of some phones may automatically block messages as a result of certain updates. Or the owner of the phone may have set this situation unknowingly.
  • Blockage is imposed due to the invoice not being paid or the TL loading not being made within a certain period of time.

Most of the pages used in Facebook code not receiving complaints remain unanswered. We only talked about what actions should be taken in this problem. Users who are sure that their account has not been stolen should wait for a short time after applying the steps we recommend.

Facebook verification code not coming additional information

  1. Have you tested your phone and sim card?
    1. We should point out that those who request codes from many networks are blocked until a certain time.
    2. It is necessary to control possible situations related to the device's settings or an application used.
  2. It is necessary to examine whether there are problems in receiving and sending SMS.
    1. It is possible that it is from the system of the place you receive service, your line and your configuration setting.
    2. Check if you may have turned off notification services.
  3. Have you contacted your carrier?
    1. Maybe you can tell them to reset your line and after turning the phone off and on, the problem will be solved.
  4. Let us tell you that such messages will not appear temporarily when you change your SIM card or move operator.
    1. (With the regulations made on the security side, access has been blocked for 72 hours for a long time)
  5. In many new models, it is possible to block messages coming from what we call private services. Make the necessary check according to the model.
Facebook code not coming 1
Facebook email confirmation code not coming error

It would be healthier not to perform the procedures without understanding exactly what the problem you are experiencing is.Facebook code is not comingThe main reason for their complaints is that people cannot access registered accounts. You will see that some of the help requests do not have the necessary explanation.

Suggested solutions for Facebook confirmation code not coming to phone

You can try the following steps to solve the Facebook confirmation code not coming problem:

  1. Eğer SMS yoluyla onay kodu gelmiyorsa, onay kodunu e-posta adresinize gönderme seçeneğini tercih edebilirsiniz. Bunun için Facebook’a bağlı olduğunuz e-posta adresini kontrol ettiğinizden emin olun.
  2. If the confirmation code does not arrive via e-mail, you can change your password. Password changing is usually done via email.
  3. If you have made changes to your SMS settings and you are not receiving message notifications, you can try enabling message notifications from the settings section of your phone.
  4. If you want to reset your Facebook account, the confirmation code must be sent to you via email. Otherwise, your account may be completely lost. Therefore be careful.
  5. If you cannot find any solution, you can contact Facebook technical support team. The technical support team will examine your problem in detail and try to find a solution.

You can try the suggestion in a content we shared before:

If the Facebook confirmation code does not arrive:

  • Type “f” in the SMS field and send a test message to 3266. If you do not receive any message or you receive a negative message, it indicates that the relevant service is closed.
  • Şifre sıfırlama işlemi yaparken, e-posta ile işlem yapacaksanız Google tarayıcısında iki sekme açın. Birinde Facebook’un “parolamı unuttum” ekranını açık tutun, diğer sekmede ise kullandığınız e-posta hesabının oturumunun açık olduğundan emin olun. Sıfırlama işlemini başlattığınızda, iki sekme arasında bağlantı kurarak doğrudan yeni parola giriş ekranına ulaşabilirsiniz.
Facebook code not coming 2
Facebook code not coming problem (SMS)

Links to apply for a no-show code

Many of the URL links we use in our content have different notification returns. We recommend that you choose a topic that hits the nail on the head. Do not trust the articles stating that the returns are made in such a long time. It may take a day to turn around, sometimes it may take a week. We even encountered longer times.

Those who want to send a support request should try the relevant links. You may be asked for a contact number or e-mail upon return. The important thing here is to enable this option and register a phone number that has not been used on Facebook before.

  1. facebook.com/help/contact/352512044767949
  2. facebook.com/help/283100488694834
  3. https://www.andronova.net/facebook-musteri-hizmetleri-turkiye-telefon-numarasi-var-mi-h2595.html

We have encountered the possibility of removing links in the past. We have either seen that the relevant form has been deprecated or important options in it have been disabled. In short, let us state again that there is variable information on this subject.

Before complaining about Facebook code not coming, make sure that others are not experiencing the same problem.

A brief description about Facebook

Facebook has become a social media communication tool for us, not as a brand. Facebook application was founded in America in 2004. The company perhaps did not anticipate that it would achieve such great success when it was first established. However, in the globalizing world, with the influence of the internet, some values ​​have begun to disappear and new values ​​have begun to replace them. While people used to communicate face to face or via phone, now, with the influence of the internet, they have started to communicate through social media tools. Facebook has managed to reach so many people because it coincided with the period when this change began.

Since 2004, the company has started to show serious growth. His investments have enabled the growing company to remain at the top. Additionally, the company continued its growth by incorporating other social media tools.

Thanks to the correct moves of the Facebook company, it has millions of members. In addition, the company includes the Facebook option in other social media memberships, which has led to a gradual increase in the number of members. We are trying to find solutions to the problems you experience on this site, which has millions of members on Facebook. One of these problems is the confirmation link problem you encounter during membership.

Facebook hesabını açarken kullandığınız e-posta hesabına onaylama linki veya kodu gelmediyse, kullandığınız e-posta hesabı kullanılamıyorsa ve eklemek istediğinizde uyarı veriyorsa, aşağıdaki öneri konumuzdaki bağlantıları kullanabilirsiniz.

Here are our suggestions for the Facebook email confirmation code not coming.

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