Facebook withdraws money from my card without permission

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We think that there are many people who say, "I want to complain about Facebook debiting money from my card without permission, but I don't know where to go." In cases where money has been withdrawn without notice, you can both make transactions over the network and create a request through the bank.

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We will add the main reasons for this troublesome situation experienced on many platforms below. We will add what you need to pay attention to right below.

We can say that most of the posts claiming that someone has withdrawn money from my Facebook account without permission are actually caused by the user. Normally, no transaction is made without permission. We think that such things will not happen, especially in such a large social network. So what are the reasons that cause this?

We can say that the reason for this is that users do not use the necessary control mechanism on the credit cards they add. Normally, banks give the right to restrict cards and set transaction limits. Plus, he recommends using a virtual card.

Why did Facebook deduct money from my card?

The exact answer to the question "why did he withdraw money from my credit card?" can be understood by looking at the explanation written when you enter the banking transactions. At least it's researchable.

Possible reasons for withdrawal are as follows:

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  • Game purchases or game-related expenses.
  • Shopping. It is also possible to use your own services or the services of a third company.
  • Transactions made via Instagram.
  • Using the card to publish advertisements.
  • Again, charges arising from the use of applications that provide contracted services over this network.

As we said, what is written in the statement needs to be investigated.

Where can I complain and what should I do?

We add the ones that come to our mind below, and they can all be applied at certain intervals depending on the situation.

  1. If you have an advertising account, use this link business.facebook.com/pub/home.
  2. The objection area regarding purchases is facebook.com/commerce_manager/
  3. The area to be examined regarding ads is facebook.com/ads/manager/billing_history/
  4. Another suggestion is that we published a news article about this network called customer service. We recommend that you use the links on the published page.
  5. Apply to your bank with a petition.
  6. If you are sure that it is not related to you, file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor's office.

The question of whether Facebook withdraws money from the card without permission is a situation faced by those who suffer from this issue. Although such situations do not normally occur on Facebook, sometimes transaction errors may occur. However, if money has been withdrawn without the knowledge of the account holder, payments can be received again with the reference code.

Facebook hesabından reklam yapmak isteyenler, Facebook’a para yükler. Facebook Ads ise bu işlemlerin gerçekleştiği özelliktir. Facebook’un reklam merkezi olarak düşünülebilir. Kullanıcılar Facebook üzerinden reklam vermek istedikleri zaman, kendi gönderilerini öne çıkarmak ve etkileşim kazanmak istedikleri zaman bu reklam özelliğini kullanır. Fakat reklam özelliğini kullanmak için de Facebook Ads’ye belli bir miktar ödeme yapılması gerekir. Burada tamamlanmayan işlemler sonucunda da fazladan ve yeniden para çekme işlemi gerçekleşmiş olabilir.

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Facebook withdraws money from my card without permission

Facebook withdrawal problem solution

Facebook izinsiz karttan para çekmiş sorununun çözümü biraz meşakkatli olsa da mümkündür. İlk olarak para çekilen hesaba giriş yapılmalı ve Facebook iletişim formuna ulaşmak gerekir. Bu forma Facebook destek iletişim hattından ulaşmak mümkündür. Form aşağıdaki maddelere dikkat edilerek doldurulmalıdır;

  • Kullanıcının Facebook reklam hesabı yok ise ilk olarak ‘reklam hesabı seçin’ bölümüne tıklamalıdır.
  • Nasıl yardımcı olabilir bölümünde, diğer seçeneğine basıldığı zaman bir ‘sorduğum ödemeyi seçmedim’ butonu işaretlenmelidir.
  • Daha sonra aşağıda ödeme için kullanılan referans numarasının girileceği bir bölüm ve biraz daha aşağıda şikayetin en detaylı bir şekilde anlatılacağı farklı bir bölüm listelenecektir. Bu iki kısmı doğru ve en detaylı şekilde doldurmak önemlidir.
  • It would be good to add the bank statement image to the section where the complaint will be written.
  • This form can optionally be filled out in English or Turkish.

Finansal işlemleri yapmak için [email protected] adresi kullanılabilir.

How long does the return process take?

When there is a problem with unauthorized withdrawal of money from your Facebook card, all steps must be completed from the Facebook contact form. Afterwards, the Facebook technical team must review the form for a while for the refund process.

If, as a result of the form review, it is determined that money has been withdrawn from the account without permission, the withdrawn fee will be transferred to the bank account within approximately 7 to 10 days. If it is not deposited into the account for more than 7-10 days, the bank should be contacted.

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Facebook debiting money from my credit card complaint
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