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If the message "Facebook news feed is not being refreshed" appears on the screen or the news feed does not appear, the main reason for this can be explained by a glitch that is currently occurring. We can generally say that this is one of the related problems. However, what we occasionally encounter is the question of what is happening to others.

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There may be steps that those who have the problem of not showing their news source should try. You may have seen some of the ones added below constantly in other glitches. In other words, most of what is done is the same.

A warning similar to the one in the title may appear with a different text on Instagram. The sample stream is not being refreshed or a refresh failure error may occur. Here, while some features of the network do not work, sometimes you cannot log in to the account and this warning may appear.

Facebook, one of the most frequently used social media platforms, offers various services to its users. We think that the application, which has post sharing, video adding and many other features, is not as popular as it used to be. We think that since the application is so popular, it should constantly renew itself. It needs to pay attention to updates in order to reach more people.

Let's get to the glitch in the title. Since errors may always occur due to some technical issues, the same applies to stream renewal.

You may suddenly encounter a flow refresh problem while trying to refresh your home page and have trouble accessing your account. In this case, knowing what needs to be done will make the process easier.

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Causes of News Feed Not Refreshing Problem

When trying to use your account, you may encounter a warning stating that the flow is not refreshed and that this is mandatory when logging into your account. In such a case, what needs to be done is to find the cause of the problem:

  • There may be a problem with the internet,
  • In general, there is a possibility of a technical error,
  • Malfunctions or restrictions may occur within or outside the country,
  • Sanctions related to the phone or account can be seen,
  • Penalties may occur,
  • There may be complaints,
  • The update causes incompatibility,
  • The security of your account may be at risk,
  • There is also a possibility that it may occur due to the improvement works carried out by the developer.

Evaluating all of these situations and taking the necessary steps will ensure that your account is restored.

Fixing Facebook News Feed Error

The first thing to do to fix this renewal error is to make sure that your internet connection is working properly. In addition, another option would be to check whether there is a general problem. If these do not apply, it would be best to notify support, so it would be beneficial to try.

  • It may be necessary to try it with a connection other than the internet connection used.
  • It needs to be tested using a browser. If you have a computer, try this way.
  • Those connecting via modem may need to turn off their modems and devices.
  • If available, test it with another account. Let's talk to a few people you know living in different cities and analyze if anyone lives the same way.
  • In case there is a problem with the internet used, first try it with a few solid DNS. Afterwards, you can check it using VPN.
  • Our suggestion to those who can enter the profile area is to enable additional login options. Then he tries to log into his account using the method he verified and opened.
  • To check the possibility of being penalized, check if anything can be changed in the profile area. If a warning appears, it means that there is a restriction or system problem.

Accounts deemed suspicious may be blocked from entering for a certain period of time. Apart from this, the use of some features of the application may be restricted.

You can use the images below for notifications and necessary settings.

Facebook news feed not refreshing 1
Facebook news feed does not appear to be refreshing
Facebook news feed not refreshing 2
Is it constantly showing that the stream could not be refreshed?

We recommend that those who cannot encounter what is in the picture use the links published as URLs. It is among the topics we have previously prepared.

Important Notes for Problem Analysis

Let us tell you in advance that there is no waiting period after submitting your request.

A brief summary of our content is as follows: Most likely, the main reason for the warnings appearing right now is the disruption in the relevant network. This may not be the same for every region. From time to time, problems may occur in the network systems, as is the case with the negativities experienced in your country.

In situations that do not occur instantly, there are situations where we wonder if they arise from the excessive action of the person. While it is possible that the person has disturbed someone, it may also be a result of the things they have done repeatedly.

It happens that the restrictions imposed by the system for precautionary purposes are automatically lifted during the day. For those who continue, we recommend waiting 1-2 days before doing anything.

Facebook News Feed Not Refreshing: Account Problem

You need to check if there are any restrictions on your account. This situation may be temporary or will continue for a while.

If there is any suspicious behavior, your account or the person trying to make a transaction will be blocked for a period of time. Here, the internet and device used to access the account that day are blocked or restricted. For this, alternatives are tried.

If there is a restriction on the account, then try to change something on the profile screen. If this is not allowed, it immediately comes to our mind that there is a problem either with the account or the system.

Lack of Free Space and Date Problem on the Device Used

Free space affects performance on every smart device. This indirectly affects usage. What every user misunderstands is that there is free space, but they do not know whether it is enough. Yes, this is true even for computers. But it is more important on mobile devices.

Another issue is that the date option on the devices is incorrect. One of the problems caused by the wrong date is that it appears on the internet and is blocked. For this, this setting should be checked on every smart device.

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