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Facebook video not loading: The problem of Facebook getting stuck while loading the video mostly occurs due to insufficient phone hardware. This is sometimes due to the large file size of the video you want to upload.

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Our suggestions for the Facebook video getting stuck problem varies from device to device. This will vary depending on the operating system. For example, there are not many options to try on iOS devices.

Facebook Video Not Loading Issues: Comprehensive Troubleshooting

Uploading videos to Facebook is a great way to share special moments with your family and friends. However, it can be frustrating if the installation process gets stuck or does not progress at all.

Examining Poor Network Connection:

Poor internet connection or weak cellular signal may cause your entire video not to upload to Facebook. Constant stalling or slow downloading may indicate a weak connection. This situation is also related to the blocking of the network. Make sure you're connected to a strong WiFi network or have a strong cellular data signal. If possible, try switching to a faster internet connection and a smoother device.

Corrupt Video File:

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A damaged or corrupted video file may complete the upload process, but may prevent the video from playing. Incorrect video format can also cause this problem. Check if your video is corrupt or damaged. You can try saving it in a different video format.

Server Problems:

Sometimes Facebook may experience server-side errors that have nothing to do with you. These errors can prevent your video from loading or make it difficult to play even if it completes the loading process.

Restart Your Browser or App:

Closing and restarting your browser or Facebook app may help fix temporary errors.

Additional Tips:

  • Try compressing your video before uploading it to Facebook. This can help reduce loading time.
  • Try uploading shorter videos. Long videos may take longer to load.
  • Choose the most appropriate time to upload your video. Facebook's servers may face increased loads during peak hours.

Technical Details of Facebook Video Upload Process:

  • Facebook generally supports videos in various formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV or M4V.
  • Pay attention to what the maximum file size of your video is.
  • Pay attention to the maximum length of your video.
  • The frame aspect ratio of your video can be 16:9 or 4:3.

Information on How Different Video Formats are Supported by Facebook:

  • MP4 is the most supported video format by Facebook.
  • MOV and M4V formats are also supported by Facebook, but they are not as common as MP4.
  • AVI format is supported by Facebook, but some compatibility issues cause the Facebook video not loading problem. Here it is necessary to try with other formats.
Facebook gets stuck while uploading a video 2
Facebook video doesn't load, gets stuck

Insufficient Free Space Problem on Device

Most users have more or less free space on their devices. However, if this area is not sufficient for the system to work, it will cause problems for both the interface and the applications. A certain amount of free space is required for each smart device. This also applies to computers.

Even if your device seems to have free space, still free up as much space as you can.

Beware of Date Mismatch

When the date is incorrect on smart devices, we see that the user cannot use the device properly. Many do not know that there is a date error that causes this. For example, you are seen as connected to the wireless network, but you cannot access the internet.

Make Sure The Video Format You Are Uploading Is Supported And Working Properly

This occurs more or less from time to time. Corruption in the video file causes problems in uploading. There are complaints about delays during sample loading or no sound after loading.

Try short videos in different formats to understand the file format problem and whether it is OK or not.

Facebook Video Not Loading: Account, Connection and Device Block

In suspicious situations, problems may occur during the installation process for a while. When you look at it, you will encounter the problem that your account is logged in but the video is not loading. We call this partial disability.

To test the account, go into your profile and try to change something. Situations that are not allowed are generally system problems or blocking situations.

Despite device and internet restrictions, it should not be tried with the internet and device you have used to log in to your account recently.

Facebook Video Not Uploading: Access Blocks Due to Country

This can also be implemented by the state or it may present with infrastructure problems. This is where VPN services come into play. In general, paid services are high-performance. But free services are inadequate, especially when it comes to video uploads.

Here are the steps to take for the Facebook video not loading error.

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