Galaxy A3 sound problem solution

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My phone has no sound, the sound does not reach the other party or there is no sound. The sound problem experienced in the Samsung Galaxy A3 model and our solution suggestions for this problem.

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Samsung brand provides services in many different areas in our country. It is a brand that has a product range in many different areas, from mobile phones to air conditioners, from televisions to white goods. In this news, we will try to solve a problem experienced in mobile phones produced by Samsung.

Samsung has offered smartphone models for every budget and every need in our country. We can say that the A series, which is in the middle price range, is actually a phone model that exceeds its price. , we will publish how you can solve the sound problem Galaxy S3 model , which is one of the A series phones that is affordable but has many features

For the first analysis;

  • Testing the phone by turning it off
  • Voice testing with WhatsApp and similar applications
  • Control with headset
  • Try uninstalling the applications on the device one by one
  • Resetting to factory setting
  • ROM flashing and service if there is a hardware problem

Galaxy A3 sound problem solution

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Galaxy A3 no sound problem

What we mean by sound problem is problems such as no sound coming out of your phone or low sound. Galaxy A3 sound problem solution Our followers who experience the sound problems mentioned above on the Galaxy A3 phone model can apply the following methods; At first, you may think that the source of this problem is caused by an application you installed on your phone. Because applications ask for some permissions when installing, if you give them permission to manage your sound settings during installation, they can change the sound settings of your phone without you knowing. In this case, either uninstall the relevant application and return the phone to factory settings. Or you can do a hard reset.

If your problem still persists after the above procedure, your problem may be caused by software. Reinstall the Android operating system on your Galaxy A3 phone.

Finally, if the problem is not resolved after these steps, your problem is hardware. Show your phone to the service.

Update Date: 17 May 2020, 04:16

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