Galaxy M31s, A50, A70 and A80 Android 11 is coming

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We have added some of the phone models that will receive the Android 11 update soon in our article. Let's also say that there is also Galaxy M51 on the list.

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The update, which has been available to a significant number of models in the past weeks, is being rolled out gradually to the remaining devices. The models that will have version 11 launched today include A51, Tab S6, S6 Lite.  

The company has been under constant criticism for not providing major upgrades to many models in the past. Unable to remain indifferent to these, Samsung changed its policy and released compatible versions for a significant number of devices. Of course, he was a little secretive here and changed the update schedule from time to time.

Android 11 optimizes your device by looking at your usage pattern. While it offers very powerful controls, it offers convenience in both privacy and administrative areas. It gives you the right to see, respond to and control conversations simultaneously in multiple chat applications. It offers you the opportunity to choose the people you constantly talk to and you will see them on the lock screen as a priority. The conversation pinning feature allows you to pin applications on the screen and continue chatting with bubbles.

The screen recording option helps you capture what is happening on your device. Microphone and device internal sounds are recorded.

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Take advantage of voice access on the phone. It offers convenience during navigation by managing the phone with intuitive tags and voice in your applications.

Using data control innovation, you can individually choose whether installed applications have access to data you deem sensitive. If you want, you can allow the microphone and camera at once.

Let's say that important work has been done on smart home and car control.

Galaxy M31s, A50, A70 and A80 Android 11 is coming

Update Date: March 13, 2021, 13:51

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