Google Maps Update (Directions at a Glance)

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With the Google Maps update, you will now experience a more immersive view and broader directions.

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Summer is fast approaching and for many people that means it's time to take a well-deserved break and enjoy the holidays. If you are planning to go on a world tour or just want to go on a local road trip, Google offers some interesting and useful features to help you with your summer holidays through Google Maps. The company announced three new updates that include expanding its Immersive View feature to new cities, browsable directions, and a new road trip planning feature called “Recents” that will also be available in the Web version of Google Maps. Immersive View updates are available now, while browsable directions and Recents will be available next month.

Google Maps Update

Google's Immersive View feature is constantly being improved, bringing cities and landmarks to life. While cities such as Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo enjoyed impressive images, other parts of the world were put on hold. But now parts of Europe are getting a nice visual update in Google Maps, with Google announcing that it's bringing Immersive View to Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice. Additionally, immersive experiences will be offered to 500 iconic structures around the world.

Google hasn't listed all the updated landmarks in Maps, but it does provide some examples to show how impressive it is. For example, Immersive View will be available in places like Prague Castle, Sydney Harbor Bridge and Faneuil Hall.

This new update allows users to virtually visit more places and explore important structures. You can take a stroll along the canals of Amsterdam, stroll through the historic streets of Dublin, examine the unique architecture of Florence and stroll through the fascinating canals of Venice.

Immersive View helps you discover the places you want to travel to, while also presenting you with iconic structures from around the world. Thanks to this feature, you can have a more comprehensive and realistic experience when you make your holiday plans or just want to visit different places virtually.

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Google's Immersive View update will enrich your explorations during your summer vacation and give you the opportunity to experience different cultures virtually. Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, Venice and many other important points will be waiting for you thanks to this feature. Whether you're traveling the world or making your plans using Google Maps, you can have an unforgettable experience by taking advantage of these new features.

Google Maps Update 1
Google Maps update

Google Maps Immersive View Feature

Google Maps' Immersive View feature is now being expanded to include more cities. This feature allows you to virtually explore the streets of your chosen cities. When you click on the street images on the maps, you can explore the surroundings with a realistic 360-degree experience. Thanks to this update, a unique travel experience will be offered to those who want to visit more cities.

Browsable directions aim to provide users with more detailed and interactive directions. You will now be able to review the directions on Maps step by step and see the points you pass along the way in more detail. With this feature, you can have more control over your journeys and get a better guide for exploring attractions.

The Immersive View feature offers you the opportunity to explore cities virtually while planning your holiday route. By wandering the streets of the cities you choose, you can experience the atmosphere of that place and see the important tourist spots in advance. This way, you can better determine which regions you want to visit while preparing for your holiday.

By examining the directions step by step, you can better understand the streets and avenues you will pass. You can also view points of interest along the way, such as restaurants, hotels, and attractions, in more detail. This gives you the opportunity to explore more during the journey.

These new updates of Google Maps will help you with your summer holidays and provide a more enjoyable travel experience. You can virtually explore different cities with Immersive View, get a better road guide with browsable directions, and make holiday planning easier with the Recent Searches feature. This summer, you can take advantage of new features to have an unforgettable holiday experience using Google Maps.

Google Maps Recent Searches Feature

The “Recents” feature added to Google Maps for the web will provide greater convenience when planning your trips. Thanks to this feature, you can save your previous searches and places you have discovered and access them again later. Thus, when planning your holiday route, you can take inspiration from your previous searches and rediscover places that were previously interesting to you.

The Recent Searches feature saves your previous searches, making holiday planning easier. For example, you researched the name of a restaurant and found a place you liked. Using this feature you can save this restaurant and easily access it to find it again later. You can also organize your holiday better by keeping a list of the places you have visited.

You don't have to travel to discover these beautiful places and landmarks. You can now search for these cities and destinations using Google Maps and take a visual tour with beautiful visuals available for both iOS and Android. Thanks to this feature, you can explore the places you want to travel in advance and experience the atmosphere of the region virtually.

Of course, if you plan to travel to these places, you can check the weather information on Google Maps and see how your location will change throughout the day. This way, you can take weather conditions into account when making your plans. At the same time, thanks to this feature, you can choose a specific time period to see how the location will look at different hours and determine at what time of the day you can have the best experience.

Google Maps also offers information about shops and restaurants to fully immerse you as you take a virtual tour of these places. So, you can browse local businesses to make your trip more realistic and understand the area better. This is a great tool for exploring and preparing yourself for an area before a trip.

These features offered by Google Maps are the perfect tool to explore the places you want to travel to during your summer vacation. Whether you're making actual travel plans or just want to explore different regions, you can immerse yourself in the experience using Google Maps. By doing research in advance, you can better understand the places you want to travel and get the most out of your holiday.

Google Maps Update 2
Google Maps update new features

Google Maps Navigation Mode

Viewable directions is a great feature that Google Maps has announced and will be available later this month. Even though Google Maps has a dedicated navigation mode, sometimes you may need more information while traveling. This is where the new browsable directions feature comes into play.

This new feature offers directions on your lock screen or in the general route view. You no longer have to start navigation to get directions to a location. Providing updated ETAs and clear directions to the next bend, this new mode gives you more flexibility and information. When browsing directions, you can follow ETAs and have clear information about the next turn.

Also, if you stray from the road or miss a street, the new mode will reroute you and offer new directions. In this way, you can travel more comfortably without worrying about getting lost or going in the wrong direction during your trip.

Of course, you can still choose navigation mode, which provides turn-by-turn voice instructions and guides you safely to your destination. But the browsable directions feature is a great option to help you when you need more information.

Google Maps Desktop Edition

Google is announcing an update that adds a new feature to the desktop experience of Google Maps, making travel planning easier. Now, when you open Google Maps in your browser, you will see a section in the Recents tab that will highlight places you have previously researched.

This new feature will make trip planning even easier by highlighting all your recent destination searches. The locations you search will be saved in an area called Recent Highlights. In this way, all travel planning details will be kept together and your list will not be lost even if you close and open the browser. This means you can come back to the list even when you take a break from planning.

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