Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

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Are you one of those who constantly get the stopped error on the phone? Are you experiencing the Google Play services keeps stopping issue?

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Google Play services, is an auxiliary application that enables Android applications to run and update. This service is of great importance in Google's authentication and synchronized transactions. It is also known that applications improve the experience. When you have a problem related to this, when you open Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp, it will continue to stop.

  • Offline search acceleration.
  • Providing impressive maps and game experience improvements.
  • It is important for places where verification is required in the phone's system.
  • It is a basic requirement for the operation of applications.
  • It provides the basic functions of location-based services without consuming power.

Meaning of Google Play Services Error

1. What is Google Play Services?Google Play Services is a background service that supports various Google services on Android devices. This service is required for app updates, Google account syncing, map services, and other important Google apps to work.

2. Meaning of Error:The “Google Play Services Keeps Stopping” error indicates that this service has quit unexpectedly and is not working. This may affect receiving app updates, using Google apps, or other services. But it mostly occurs due to malfunctions in the service version or operating system. From time to time, it may be related to the installed applications being incompatible with the system or each other.

Causes and Solution Suggestions

1. Cache Issues:The error may indicate that Google Play Services' cache may have been corrupted. To fix this situation:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Go to Applications or Application Manager.
  • Find “Google Play Services” and clear the cache.

2. Update Problems:

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  • Check if Google Play Services is up to date.
  • If there is an update from Google Play Store, update the service.
  • If it is up to date, uninstall it and reinstall it.
  • Depending on the situation, install and try previous versions.

3. Re-Adding Google Account:

  • Go to Settings > Accounts & Sync.
  • Remove and re-add your Google account.
  • If not, try with another Gmail account.

4. Clear App Data:

  • Go to Settings > Apps or App Manager.
  • Find “Google Play Services” and clear app data.
  • Follow the same steps in Google Play.
  • At the same time, go to Applications / Google Play Services and remove data and updates from it.

5. Resetting to Factory Settings:

  • If the problem persists, you may consider restoring your device to factory settings. However, this process should be done carefully as it will delete all data on your device.
  • If not,hard resetConsider the option.

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Problem

  • There may be a high possibility of being infected with the virus.
  • One of the applications you installed may have caused this. (Being an old version or discontinued update support)
  • It may be due to application conflicts.
  • It may be because there is no space left on the phone or there is little space left.
  • It may update one of the applications.
  • It may appear after an update to G.Play services.

There were two methods we tried here, and we will add the others below. But first, let's start with what we wrote.

Solution to Google Play Services Stopping Problem

1- Stopping the application and deleting data.

  • You open the applications.
  • Tap Google Play services.
  • Using force stop and disable.
  • Another process is to clear the cache on the phone, if any.

2- Uninstalling the updates to the services.

  • Again, open the applications section.
  • Again, enter G.Play services.
  • Continue with the three dots in the right corner.
  • The option that will open from above is “Uninstall updates”
  • Start the uninstallation and turn off your device.

3- Uninstalling or reinstalling services.

  • We uninstall the application of this service and install it from the link.
  • Those who cannot lift it can install it on top.
  • If it is not possible, you can download it as APK from the internet.

4- Removing and re-entering the Google account or using another account.

  • “Accounts backup” in the first section in the settings
  • Open the Accounts section.
  • Tap on your Gmail account.
  • Use the remove account suggestion.
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Clearing Cache and Uninstalling Updates from Applications

Go to the “Applications” section on the phone. Tap GP services. As we said above, carry out your operation from three points. We encountered this problem on a Samsung phone and it can be experienced on many older models from brands such as Huawei / Xiaomi.

In case of software-related problems, a software upgrade or ROM flash may be required. It was a very common mistake in replica products that used to be called made in China.

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