Grundig dns settings and manual ip definition

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We will show you with pictures what you can do for Grundig TV dns settings and ip settings. This episode may not be the same as your TV, but the logic is the same.

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We wanted to illustrate your question of how to make Grundig Smart TV DNS settings with an example model. The important thing here is that the DNS used is secure. This is something to be careful about to avoid situations such as viruses and hacking.

Grundig was a world-known brand. This Germany-based brand was sold to the KOÇ group due to the economic negativities of the company. So we can say that it is a Beko / Arçelik sub-branch. It is a brand sold at a more affordable price. It has a history dating back to 1945. It became a prominent company with its first radio production.

First of all, in TV DNS operations;

  • Writing the correct IP and DNS information
  • If there is a problem, take more detailed action with Advanced.
  • Ensuring the security of the entered addresses
  • A decrease in internet speed after connection: This may be related to the DNS used.

Grundig TV ip dns settings step by step

We wanted to inform you in advance for those who will write that these options are not available on my TV or are different. This is an example from one model and there may be differences between 2018, 2019 and 2020 models due to software updates.

  • Click on the menu or OK button
  • “Network settings” from settings
  • “Change connection type”
  • “WPS wireless” will be selected
  • Tap “Network settings AUTO”
  • Network section will be selected as “Manual”
  • The IP address starting with 000 will be written according to the brand of the modem. Example
  • A secure address will be written to DNS 000. Example

Grundig dns settings and manual ip definitionGrundig ip settings

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You can check the IP of the modem or the IP address of devices connected via Wi-Fi. The IP address of modems such as TPLink, Zyxel and Huawei is

  1. Any value other than 1.1 and 1.255 can be preferred. Of course, if you haven't appointed anything before.
  2. If there is a conflict in the connection, the given value should be changed.
  3. If it doesn't see wifi, check other networks. For testing, the phone can be tried by turning on the internet hotspot.
  4. If there is no internet, try turning the modem off by turning it off for 1-2 minutes and then turning it on.

Update Date: February 28, 2020, 21:48

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