Hard reset to unlock Samsung pattern lock

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We have prepared the hard reset steps for you to unlock the Samsung pattern lock. You will find the necessary steps for many models, including old and new models, in this article.

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To unlock the opening pattern lock password on Android phones and tablets that are forgotten or accidentally locked due to trying too many patterns.hard resetYou can follow the steps. Before I forget, when a hard reset is performed, the photos, videos, contacts and WhatsApp messages on the phone will be deleted. There are some unlocking programs for those who want to unlock the lock without being deleted. Generally, the paid version is used for the solution. But you can also research free programs. If you are going to choose a paid program, do not buy it without looking at the comments about previous use.

Steps to unlock Samsung pattern lock

When the phone is offsound up + menuveStrengthPress and hold the (on/off) buttons for 10-15 seconds. to the screenSamsungor Android logosWhen u comes, take your hands off the keys.

Hard resetfor the processWipe data /Factory reset optionovervolume downcome with the buttonStrengthPress the button once.Yes delete all user data We do the same steps in the option. When it freezes to the beginning as a final actionStrengthPress the button. The phone will restart. You may need to wait approximately 1-2 minutes for it to open. Would you like to review our article on how to unlock Android screen pattern lock?

Warning: Hard resetIf the process is completed, all data on the device will be deleted. Before performing a hard reset, check the charging status of your device. Generally 50% is recommended. But also at 5% levelhard reset atmaprocess is taking place.

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Hard reset to unlock Samsung pattern lock
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Remove Samsung pattern lock

Note: It would be better to make a backup before any operations.

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By dialingGalaxy Noteformat atma

Code to format: press *2767*3855# as if you were making a call. Then tap the call key.

How to unlock Galaxy pattern lock?

One of the biggest problems of Android devices is what to do when the pattern lock password is forgotten.Galaxyand otherAndroidAs with other devices, when the pattern lock is forgotten, it asks you to enter your e-mail address. When you log in to your Gmail address, a confirmation code will be sent to your email address and you can unlock your phone with that code. However, when your phone encounters the pattern lock problem, you do not have internet access or you do not remember your e-mail address, then there is only one thing you can do and that is to format your phone.

– It is recommended that your phone's charge rate is at least 5-50%.
– When you hard reset the phone, all your data will be deleted. If you do not want your data to be deleted, do not take action.
– Do not perform any operations while the phone is plugged into the charger.
– Although very rare, software problems may occur after a hard reset.

*To format your device, we first turn the phone off.
*LaterVolume up + PowerWe hold the buttons for 5-6 seconds. OrSes açma + Power + Home menü tuşu
* When you reach the Android Recovery screen, press the volume down key.Wipe Data Factory Resetby hovering over the optionPower PowerWe press the button.
* Then on the new screen that opensYes all user data by hovering over the optionPower PowerWe press the button.
* After waiting for a while, the Reboot System Now message will appear. while onPower PowerWe press the button again.
* Reset completed. When your phone is turned on, it will return to its original state. You can use it after the initial installation.

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Samsung pattern lock removal

The steps you take to unlock the Samsung pattern lock vary from model to model.

Using Samsung pattern lock

Pattern lock on Samsung smartphones is a method of securely locking and unlocking your device. However, if one day you forget your pattern lock or enter it incorrectly, your phone may crash. To avoid leaving you in this situation, below you can find suggestions for unlocking Samsung pattern lock.

  1. Use your Google account

If you share a Samsung account with your Google account, you can use it to unlock your pattern lock. If you enter the pattern incorrectly 5 times, an “Invalid pattern” warning will appear on the device screen. Then, click “Sign In” and log in with your username and password. This will unlock your phone and you will be able to use it again.

  1. Use your Samsung cloud account

If you use a Samsung account on your Samsung device, you can unlock your pattern lock by logging in. First, sign in with your Samsung account. Next, go to the “Lock Screen and Security” section and select the “External Control” option. Here, you will see the “Unlock Lock Screen” option. By selecting this option, you can unlock your pattern lock via external devices.

  1. Use Samsung Find My Mobile

Samsung Find My Mobile is a service that allows you to lock your device and find your phone. When you log in using your account, you can lock your device's screen by clicking the "Lock Screen" option. This can remove the pattern lock from your phone's screen and make your phone usable.

  1. Revert to factory settings

If you haven't resolved your issues with all other options, you may need to do a factory reset. This will delete all data on the phone but allow you to continue using the device. To return to factory settings, turn off your device and then use the following key combination: Volume down key + Power key + Home Button By using this combination, you can reset your device to factory settings. In conclusion, you should not panic when you forget or enter the Samsung pattern lock incorrectly. By following one of the suggestions above, you can turn on your phone and continue using it. However, to keep your device safe, we recommend that you remember your pattern lock and enter it correctly next time.

We have left the necessary steps to unlock Samsung pattern lock above. The article mostly includes steps for older models. In general, operations are performed with the volume up and power keys or the volume up, menu and power keys.

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