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What we see as one of the biggest problems of social networks is the support part. There may be times when we cannot find a contact person for many problems such as “Instagram, help us confirm that you are the owner of this account”. We can say that it is in the example title. If you receive a warning like this, suggestions for sending options or authentication will appear on the screen.

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The reason for this warning message may be that someone is trying to steal your account. But apart from this, this problem may also occur for other reasons. Check out the examples below.

Why does the confirmation of account ownership appear?

First of all, we need to understand what is meant by the warnings. Let's say that arbitrary methods will produce different results.

Some of the reasons for leaving are as follows:

  • If a VPN is used to log in to your account or if you frequently log in from different places, it may be detected as a suspicious login attempt.
  • Repeatedly entering the wrong password is among the possible reasons.
  • Logging in or attempting to log in from multiple locations at the same time.
  • Occasional account freezing and frequent doing of different things may cause this.
  • Someone may have filed a stolen account and provided a tangible reason.
  • Fake accounts may be suspended upon complaints.
  • The possibility of noticing something negative when you change your account information.

The place where these are seen most is Instagram. It is a network that is very weak in this respect. There are neither various application sections for communication nor do such sections work properly.

For those wondering what the solution is, there are not many options at the moment. If you push too hard, there may be a return. But the recommendation is to use Facebook's communication channels. For example, the support addresses we have previously prepared for Facebook are available on our website.

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Try connecting the line to another phone. You have to wait 3 days for SIM card and operator changes. Check if you receive notification messages.

You are the owner of this account
Help us confirm ownership of this account Instagram

I can't confirm my account, how can I confirm it?

We think that the complaints about account verification not being verified are related to most users.

Different channels always need to be tried in the transactions carried out. But everything done in excess has a consequence.

  • If you are doing too much, you may need to take a break for a while. It would be better to try it at a later time. In fact, our suggestion for accounts that go too far is to wait a day.
  • Maybe the phone or internet you are using may have been temporarily restricted because it was deemed suspicious. So try it with different channels. (Computer, WiFi network and other login methods you have not used before)
  • Try to change your password.
  • With the help of the browser, first open the e-mail account you use in your account and change your password by opening the Instagram page from the other tab. There is the possibility of trading in conjunction with each other.
  • If you have previously connected your Facebook account, you may be able to log in with this account.
  • You may be able to log in directly on devices that are deemed reliable.

I can't verify my account because I didn't receive the code.

Story sharing and free post sharing on the network enable users to have a pleasant time. There are important changes offered to users by new features that are being developed and updated day by day. We can state that there are important studies on the Reels side, which is seen as the most effective.

We can say that many features made on the development side in all applications bring negatives as well as positive ones.

Problems may sometimes arise during the login phase to networks due to different reasons. Account verification problem is among the most common problems.

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In some transactions, users are asked for a code to verify security. Security codes requested from users are sometimes not transmitted to the user due to system malfunction, which causes problems in the user's connection to the site. The general reasons for requesting a security code are as follows;

  • Trying to log in to the Instagram application on more than one device at the same time.
  • Trying to log in to the Instagram application from multiple different IP addresses at the same time.
  • Repeatedly entering incorrect password.

Logging in via different country IP.

When one or more of the above-mentioned situations occur, the Instagram application may request a code for the security of the user.

How to solve it opens the same page in requests

There are a few easy methods you can do if you do not receive the security code requested by Instagram. The first of these is to completely shut down and try logging in again. First, after closing the social application, clear your phone's application cookies and try to open it again by connecting to the VPN and requesting the password again. After completing this process, the new requested password will be sent to you as soon as possible.

No matter how popular and high-quality the application is, it is rare for all mobile applications to experience some problems. What to do in such a situation should be well known. Otherwise, the problem may last much longer.

While trying it on different devices, it is definitely a must to try it on PC. We think that using these methods will be a way to solve your problem.

Apart from this network, users may also experience some problems in other networks. When you encounter the problem of the confirmation warning and the incoming link opens the same page, which we mentioned in this article, you can try the methods we have mentioned above. Thus, it will be easier to solve these problems.

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