Hepsiburada service connection interrupted error appears

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When you touch a product you purchased in the Hepsiburada orders area, a service connection problem may occur. What it means and the solution are added below.

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HepsiburadaWhen we enter the My Orders section in the application and tap on the product we purchased, "Service disconnected” error appears and the problem persists even though we touch the “Try again” button many times. This is the first time we encounter something like this and we think it is a problem that is not seen very often.

Hepsiburada service connection has been lost. This is a warning message telling you that you no longer have access to the product connection you want to access or that there is something preventing it. It is one of those situations where the reason for the problem does not depend on a single thing, it has multiple reasons and should not be tampered with unknowingly. The possibility of seeing an intensity developing at that moment needs to be evaluated.

If there is no such thing as a common occurrence, it is recommended to check the following.

Service disconnected error

  1. Experiencing problems on the application side.
    1. Negativities experienced due to density.
    2. There is mandatory maintenance.
    3. A new version of the application is released and is incompatible with some systems of the devices used.
    4. A temporary disability caused by something a person does frequently.
  2. Internet and device factor.
    1. The connection you are using is too slow.
    2. Banning of the internet or device deemed suspicious.
    3. Conflicts or is not compatible with the version used.
    4. Seeing an obstacle on the internet.
  3. Possible reasons related to user accounts.
    1. Sanctions imposed on an account due to illegal actions. (The use of some areas may be partially blocked)
    2. Obstacles seen during the transaction in the tools attached to the payment channel.
    3. Missing profile fields may need to be filled in.

Solution for disconnected problem

Testing the above in order will lead to the solution. It is likely that this is a general situation happening here. It may not occur in everyone, but the possibility of it occurring in some people needs to be investigated.

We recommend testing it with another internet, device and computer. Those who use mobile data must switch between both LTE and 3G. Of course, provided that it is tried over wireless. In case you are doing something frequently, try it from a device and connection you have not used before.

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For application reasons, install one of the previous versions. For current Android users, we recommend that you go to the "Applications" area, tap on the "Hepsiburada" application and proceed with all the options (Deleting data). Before forgetting, we recommend that both the internet (Modem) and the device used be turned off and on again.

Hepsiburada service connection interrupted error appears
Hepsiburada service disconnected error
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