Hi Level TV no satellite no channel found

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If a message saying "there is no signal" appears on the Smart TV Hi Level television and a black screen appears on the satellite, it is necessary to check before taking any action.

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Hi Level television offered for sale in A101 under the assurance of Vestelno signalappears on some models with the text "No channels found” error, we found that most users do not know what to do. We will share with you a problem we recently experienced regarding this matter. Maybe it might be useful to you.

A relative's purchase from the marketHi Level TV satellite installationWe tried to do this. We encountered constant signal error and suspected cables or inputs. We moved the TV to another room and tested it from the entrance there as well. When the same problem kept appearing on the screen, we finally found ourselves on the roof. When we checked the central system and cables, we saw that there was no problem.

We wasted a lot of time trying the above steps. It turns out that the model we installed may experience instantaneous problems due to the lack of contact during the transaction. The main reason for this is that the internal satellite receiver used in the television is not of very high quality.

When we tried it with an external satellite device, it worked without any problems. In the internal system of this brand, the dish and cable signal must be very good.

Hi Level channel not found problem

1. Hi Level signal quality and signal level should be examined. Anything you do without doing this means wasted time.

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  • The cable should be examined from beginning to end. Abrasions or cuts cause this quality to decrease.
  • We should point out that an excessively long cable reduces the quality.
  • Levels must be examined when removing or adding satellites.

2. Wall entries and cable end control.

  • When we look inside the cable, we encounter 2 ends. Sometimes these may touch each other. This causes it to short circuit.
  • Check the wall inputs for short circuits.

3. Let's examine the LNB and dish factor.

  • Make sure that the LNB direction is correct. Most of the time, the cable entry point faces downwards. Sometimes it turns slightly left and right.
  • The location of the satellite dish is very important. Do not install it in a place exposed to excessive wind or in a place that will cause it to move.
  • Make sure that the satellite dish and LNB are of good quality. These will be very important at the shooting level.

4. Problem of liquid contact in snow and rain situations.

  • Problems will arise later, especially if the lnb gets too much water in the dish.
  • The cable entry must be properly insulated.

5. Satellite receiver and dish test.

  • In case of a possible external situation of the satellite, the device can be tested somewhere. The result reveals the problem in the dish or device.
  • Sometimes you cannot perform the operation at your own home, but having the device reset at satellite services can be trouble-free.

6. Tampering with satellite settings.

  • Satellite is added from scratch from the settings.
  • It is recommended to try channels separately. There may be problems with the broadcast of some of them. Also, in central systems, the level of some channels is definitely low.
  • If the settings are changed, automatic installation is very easy on TKGS supported devices.
  • Restoring to factory values ​​and reinstallation may be required.

There is no Hi Level signal, what to do when you cannot find a channel

After all the checks have been made, we think that such a problem has arisen due to either the cable / dish or tampering.

Sometimes the bowl can move in extreme winds. First of all, the solution will be tried by trying external devices elsewhere.

  1. Try unplugging all power plugs, waiting and plugging them in.
  2. Enter one of the satellites or channels (TRT 1) and see if there is a signal level.
  3. Let the buyer try.
  4. Check the cables.
  5. The occupants of the apartment should also be controlled through central systems. Meet with 2-3 people, not just one.
  6. Reset to factory settings and start the installation again. For thisHi Level satellite installationSee the article.
  7. Test by changing diseqc settings. Of course, if it is used.
  8. There is a possibility that the internal receiver is malfunctioning. Bring an external receiver and try it.
  9. Finally, our article with extensive explanationno signalLet it be examined.

Hi Level TV no satellite no channel found

Update Date: March 12, 2020, 22:55

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