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Honor, which has powerful hardware, is a brand of the mobile phone manufacturer Huawei, which we hear about a lot. Türkiye's official distributor, technical service and 444 customer services were determined.

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One of China's largest smart device manufacturersHonormade the distributor agreement for Türkiye. It has now officially taken its place in Turkey.Honor customer serviceIf the phone number444 96 88Service is provided from 5:00 to 6:00 pm except Saturday and Sunday.

Honor agreed with Dora for distributorship. Dora, who is very experienced in her field, is the distributor of many brands.

Dora has been serving many brands for many years. It has become a company that has made a name for itself with its strong staff and experienced sales team. It has been serving in Turkey since 2004.

Honor was founded in 2013. It took a large share of the smart device market in a short time. It took place in 74 countries. The company, which has both a young staff and a vision open to innovation, is expected to play a major role in the Turkish market.

Honor for customer service!

The official service network will now expand with its distributor in Türkiye. It is expected to spread rapidly through Honer Türkiye authorized services and sales points. You can contact Dora for Honer customer services, Honer support line and authorized service phone number. Honor official website hihonor. com

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Honor technical service phone numbers:

  • Honor İstanbul iletişim Şişli teknik servisi 0850 8116600
  • Bakırköy 212 6605959 
  • Ataşehir 850 5020800
  • Kartal 216 4528450

Honor authorized service customer services

Honor, which has achieved very high sales figures worldwide, has witnessed a significant rise for those wondering whether it will find what it hopes for in the Turkish market. The company, which produces high-performance models, carries out serious R&D studies. While producing powerfully equipped phones, it also gave importance to design.

Update Date: 26 October 2019, 23:05

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