How can I find out when I opened my TikTok account?

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When you want to add a new number to TikTok, the account registration date is asked in the security questions. How can I find out when I opened my TikTok account?

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We think it's a problem you don't hear about much. We have encountered this for the first time and the most logical thing to do is to look at the confirmation code or link sent when opening an account. Another option would be to look at the first shares and notifications.

In answer to the question of where I can find out the date of the first TikTok registration, we think that there is no date information on the application. However, it would be good to take a look at it from start to finish using a computer.

We will have some suggestions to respond to posts such as "I cannot see when I opened my TikTok account."

When did I open my TikTok account?

We think you will find the answer to the question "When did I open my account?" indirectly. If you dig into the e-mail account you added to your sample account, maybe sharing will solve your problem.

According to some, you will come across posts that say this information is included in the profile section. But we did not encounter it in that area. Of course, it will be beneficial for you to take a look at all the sections. Maybe it includes date information for one of the changes made and you can get an estimate.

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If you have opened an account with your phone number and it is not a very old date, checking the messages will solve your problem. For example, you can use data recovery to recover deleted messages and access the necessary messages. Or maybe you can get a clue by requesting SMS details from the operator.

Why does TikTok ask for account opening date?

For those who wonder why the account opening date is asked in the security question, let us point out that this is not only required on this network. Generally, if suspicious behavior is detected in something, it is among these options.

It may be related to:

  • It is asked for precautionary purposes in case of security problems.
  • In case of very frequent attempts, an additional precaution is put into effect.
  • One of the options when forgetting your password.
  • If any of the reasons arise for which the account needs to be verified.
  • Making changes to important areas of the account. For example, information such as account name, number change or date of birth.

Do you need help?

After checking the above, the best additional method is to try it using a browser. Also try to log in to your account from devices you have frequently logged in to before. You can access directly with devices deemed secure. Of course, this is one of the possibilities.

The last action you will take is to send a request to the network. Users who will report a problem must send requests with the correct titles. You don't need to be logged in. ? All you have to do is use the sign.

When did I open my TikTok account?
How can I find out when I opened my TikTok account?

We do not think there is any other step you can take for those who cannot find a solution for When did I open my TikTok account? Maybe if your account is open to the outside world, the posts in your account have been shared on different platforms. It is also possible to include profile information. Of course, this possibility is very slim. However, we recommend that users who do not receive a response when the request is sent, create a request again using a different title later.

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