How many days does it take to open a closed Facebook account?

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We will have important notes for you to pay attention to when opening a closed Facebook account. Maybe the only action you can take is between the lines. Of course, if the reason for the account closure is not a rule violation!

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Let us announce that there is an application address to object to opening a closed Facebook account. We will try to show you with a visual explanation which communication channel you need to use for the form that needs to be filled out. Let's say that the answer to questions such as how many days does it take to open an account is not clear. Given days are estimated is shared. A medium number of days is given based on the returns of previous applications.

For those who have an account in English or use a browser in a different language, the warning comes with a message saying "your account has been closed" for mare information, was disabled by mistake…. Then it says “Go to help center” and “Download your information”.

Why was the account closed?

We will talk about why the Facebook account is closed first. Mostly, the account is closed due to violation of rules and if the result of the complaints is deemed appropriate. So, can a closed account be reopened?

Some people use phrases such as "we are opening or will open closed accounts". No one can guarantee this. It doesn't matter where he works. Once upon a time, there were people advertising for blue ticks and opening closed accounts. These people give guarantees and state that they do it for a fee. So is there a guarantee?

In our opinion, like Nasreddin Hodja, what if it works...

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  • The reasons for opening a canceled account are very important. Producing a reason that has not been dismissed will not provide you with a solution.
  • Facebook asks for proof of your justification
  • If it was closed as a result of an incorrect transaction, an objection form must be filled in with descriptive language.
  • You can initiate an investigation into the process leading to your account being stolen and closed.

Can a closed Facebook account be opened?

There is no guarantee for any transaction. Those who wonder how to open closed accounts can follow the sample process in our article. If the person or persons handling the support request deems it appropriate, they will respond and let you know if there is any action that needs to be taken. It may or may not take initiative depending on the extent of the rule. He/she can share the URL of the section where it cannot be opened and where the rule is written. On the contrary, they write what you need to do if it is deemed appropriate to open it.

The transaction may hopefully lead to the opening of an account. If the user is confident and has not done anything that would require the account to be closed, he/she should definitely apply as we recommend.

The reason for closing the account is sometimes sent to the person's e-mail address. Some of them cannot know the password of the e-mail account registered to the account because they do not know it and have not entered it. Sometimes, when you enter user information, the reason for the shutdown is written on the screen.

How to open closed Facebook?

As a suggestion, we will recommend that you send requests to two addresses. Another news is that one of these is the direct address to open a closed account and the other is the address to contact Facebook.

The phone number or e-mail address used when logging into the account requested from you in the first address. Then add your full name written on your ID and click on the select files button and add a screenshot of your ID. The other contact information we provide is mostly used and prepared by us. Write your problem here and ask for help using the addresses used for problem reporting and verification.

If deemed appropriate, they will contact the email address registered for one of them. You have applied now and waited a few days and if there is no response, do the same process again.

Opening a closed Facebook account 2020
My account has been closed error

Filling out an objection form

You may be asked for an ID image to return a closed account. The investigation will be initiated and you will get back to us within a few days or a week or two. If you ask why it takes so long, it depends on the density. This process is also used to open a temporarily closed Facebook account.

If you have not received a response after approximately 1 week has passed after applying using the objection URL below, then renew your application. You see, it still continues in the same way, let's try other similar forms first and then you can challenge the support channels, which are e-mail.

We expect three possibilities to appear before you. The first is a negative response, the second is positive but something is requested from you, and the third is no response is sent. The last thing we wrote about is the reason that is not common but comes to our mind in case it is overlooked. Of course, it is also possible that no return will be made for the account where the transaction has been made due to a strict reason.

In what cases can a closed account be reopened?

We encounter accounts that are unclear but mostly closed due to similar problems. Sometimes a warning message appears on the screen stating that your account has been closed due to missing information. And it may appear as follows: "If you think your account has been disabled by mistake, visit or go to the help center."

  1. Your account may have been temporarily restricted because someone reported you unfairly.
  2. After the account is frozen, there is a possibility that the message "Account closed" will appear. Let's say that a glitch in the system once caused this.
  3. Getting into suspicious situations due to too many changes in information.
  4. The perception of suspicious behavior arises for different reasons.
  5. The possibility of objection and positive review of inappropriate content shared by others other than you.
  6. Requests for help due to rule violations or closure of the account due to theft.
How to open a closed Facebook account
Opening a closed Facebook account

To summarize, we think that there is an objection form for everything that is done unfairly, and if you file a request by documenting your justification, the account will probably be reopened.

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