How many people complain about TikTok, do you think it will be closed?

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Sometimes it is very difficult to close the account we do not want, which we see as the most frequently performed transaction. In this title, we will share a general explanation that TikTok will be closed if many people complain about it.

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Many people with TikTok accounts are exposed to various unfair or justified complaints throughout the day. Although being subjected to several complaints does not close the account, TikTok will review it when a certain number of accounts are reported. If there is truly problematic behavior on the account or posts that violate community rules, closure procedures may be initiated.

Why report a TikTok account?

TikTok has set various community rules so that everyone can browse the platform safely. At the same time, in order to be on this network, share videos, and open live broadcasts, you must be over a certain age. If people do not comply with both age rules and community rules, they will be reported by their followers or other users. When these complaints occur repeatedly, the account is examined by TikTok. If there are truly malicious posts on TikTok, it is possible to suspend the account and close it completely.

Possible reasons for account complaints are as follows:

  • Making disturbing posts and comments.
  • Preventing the use of underage children.
  • Users who cannot access their accounts want to try this method.
  • Frequent negative posts about any living creature.
  • Do not make negative statements about things that society is sensitive about.
  • Operations against the accounts of people they deliberately do not want.

Complaint to close TikTok account

First, we would like to share an article we prepared on our site.TikTok live supportWe talked about what kind of links should be used in our content.

  • If you have an account, enter the profile of the account you will report,
  • You will see a dotted area in the right corner,
  • You will see a tab that opens below in the relevant area,
  • “Report” and then you will choose whether you want to report the person or the content,
  • Submit after choosing the correct titles and filling in the required fields.
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TikTok will be closed as many people complain

Those who do not have an account have two things to do to enter the application: one is the ? button on the application's login screen. You can send your request by using the sign and make your application from the help area using the browser.

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How many complaints will a TikTok account be closed?

How many complaints does it take to close a TikTok account?

It is important to receive a certain number of complaints to close the account. Depending on the number of complaints, people will receive a warning or their account will be closed completely. There are a few things to consider when making a complaint. When an unfair complaint is made, there is a backlash. In other words, a person can receive a temporary restriction based on these unjust complaints. The video content must be the same as the reason for the reported video. It is important to make the right complaint. Visuals and information can be used for evidence. When complaints are made consecutively, a temporary ban may be obtained.

There is no clear answer to the question of how many complaints a TikTok account gets closed. The important thing is whether there is really something to complain about. When 6-7 people make a complaint at short intervals, the account is put under review. It is important to make sure that these 6-7 people are real accounts, not fake accounts. If there is a real problem with the post, the post will be removed by TikTok and will continue to be reviewed. If posts continue to be made against the community rules, various restrictions will be imposed on this issue. As long as complaints and contrary posts continue, the person's account may be closed.

Is there a return to the complaint?

We have witnessed the comeback of many networks. We do not know for sure whether there is such a workflow on the support side of this network. However, when we look at the flow on other social platforms, information is provided immediately after the application or on the same day. An e-mail is sent indicating that the application has been received or is being processed. We think it will be the same here too.

TikTok will be closed if how many people complain about it. How many days will it take for the result of the application to be known? In this way, exact day information is not shared in any service. We witnessed returns being made in the first week. But we came across a second week.

Multiple complaints and the importance of the content on the account

First of all, unconscious complaints made knowingly or unknowingly do not yield much response. It is possible to impose restrictions on reviewing many accounts or verifying accounts during the review phase. In other words, while the content of the account that has received excessive complaints is examined, the user is temporarily blocked from using the account in order to protect the community. Afterwards, if the underlying reason for the complaint is not found in this account, the accounts making the complaint will be notified stating that the review has been carried out in this way, and the relevant person will be able to access their account.

In short, be careful what you complain about.

There is no exact number as to how many complaints a TikTok account will be closed. However, an excessive number of complaints made for justified reasons will definitely have quick results.

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