Breaking and Unlocking the Pattern Lock on the Phone Without Deleting Data

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We have an alternative answer to questions such as "What should I do to break the pattern lock on an Android phone without deleting the data?" Many of them share posts saying that they took our old articles and made transactions. Many of the methods in our content belong to us.

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The problem of "I cannot unlock the phone" becomes more difficult every time. There are some methods to break the pattern lock, that is, unlock the screen, without deleting the data on the phone. But you are responsible for any problems that may arise.

It seems very difficult to perform operations on a device that is locked as a result of accidentally trying too many models on the phone, without deleting the data. You may encounter applications that exceed the security of older models. But this seems a bit difficult for newbies. Generally, the definitive solution is a hard reset. This method, of course, deletes all data on the device. Then, if desired, programs can be tried to recover data.

The Programs Used May Not Work Sometimes

  1. In some models, it may cause problems due to opening with fingerprint.
  2. The process does not seem to work on newer models.
  3. Models such as Huawei or Samsung can also have their own security lock. (This may also occur when performing a hard reset)
  4. For a definitive solution, installing ROM software from scratch may be required.

To unlock the pattern lock on the phone without deleting the data, you can download the relevant software by searching the internet. Since the software used is old, it may cause problems.

Upload the file you downloaded from our site to the SD card of the phone, you can open the device in Download Mode (Recovery Mode) and remove the password. For any problems or questions, you can contact the support line.

The file we provide to open the pattern is not valid for all brands and models. We won't have a clear answer for this phone that we can definitely answer. You need to try.

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  • The given file is downloaded to the computer and
  • It is transferred to the phone's memory card
  • Then the phone boots with Dowload mode.
Breaking and unlocking the pattern lock on the phone without deleting data
Breaking and unlocking the pattern lock on the phone without deleting data

If the method we suggested above did not work, you can refer to our recommended article below or get a solution from our technical service for a fee. To crack Android password, you can use hard reset or Screen Lock ByPass Pro program. I recommend you to look at our article on the program to crack the phone model password and pattern lock.

Warning: The responsibility for the steps we recommend belongs to the individual. If you are unsure, it is recommended that you seek technical support. If you perform any operations, you may cause the device not to turn on or damage the data. Afterwards, you may need to flash a ROM from scratch. Of course, this is a possibility!

Unlocking with Hard Reset

In many models, solutions are provided by applying the following. For those that do not exist, the process is completed by reinstalling the software. Of course, since security is a bit strict in brands like Xiaomi, multiple operations will be done. This can be researched using Google.

The operation is done by pressing the volume button, menu and power buttons when the device is turned off. Normally, these keys are kept pressed until you reach the text. While some models use only volume and power, there are others that are accessed with different buttons.

The reasons for the "I can't reset" complaints are as follows:

  • Problems with the correct keys not being pressed or pressed.
  • A physical malfunction or software glitch.
  • Don't release the keys too early.
  • Insufficient charge level.
Breaking Android screen pattern lock
Unlocking with hard reset

Do not try to take action without researching the suggestions in our content, taking into account the date of use. You can research current methods, look at possible results, and use the number included in the content to get expert support depending on the situation.

How to Remove Pattern Lock from Phone Without Deleting Data

Depending on the phone model, you will need to reset the bootloader and then continue with the recovery. If there is no such thing, it will be connected with the adb command, which we call the hard method. But there is an important situation: most of the methods cause data to be lost.

Now we want to show you how to unlock the screen without deleting the data when you forget the model lock and password of the Google account.

  • Device "Settingsin the fieldUSB debuggingYou need to find ” and turn it open. The device will obviously be connected to the computer via USB. If debugging is turned off, this operation will be attempted from the fastboot area. As long as the PC can see the device.
  • If your connection is OK, click “ADB command” in tools. zip file will be downloaded. If it is compressed, it will be removed.
  • From the command field “adb devices” will be entered. Something similar to the text below will appear. If it does not appear, we think that it does not recognize the phone and its driver is not installed.
Breaking pattern lock without resetting Android phone
Command to unlock phone pattern

If there is a connection, the commands in the picture need to be run respectively. When the correct action is taken, the device will restart and the problem will be solved.

Breaking pattern lock without wiping Android phone
One of the times when a password cracking program came in handy

You may encounter many password cracking programs for use on Android systems. The example is “Screen Lock Bypass” and it has been a useful tool in many old models.

Please note that tools or password cracking programs used to crack the screen lock may be risky and may not work on every device. Additionally, bypassing security measures may violate terms of service or local laws. To avoid potential data loss or legal issues, it is always recommended to follow official methods or seek help from the device manufacturer or an expert technician.

An important point to remember is that the features of each device may be different. Therefore, the steps mentioned to break the pattern lock may not work on all Android devices. It is important to follow specific instructions for your device's make and model.

Getting Back When Data is Deleted on the Phone

Our phones are important devices where we store our personal data and important information. However, we may encounter unexpectedly deleted data such as photos, messages, videos or documents. Losing your data may cause panic, but luckily, thanks to the development of technology, you have the chance to recover deleted data. In this topic, we will provide a detailed guide on the process of recovering deleted data on the phone.

Information inside

  1. Importance of Deleted Data and Need for Recovery
  2. First Steps to Recover Deleted Data
    • Step 1: Take Action Quickly
    • Step 2: Check Backup Status
  3. Methods to Recover Deleted Data
    • Method 1: Backup Retrieval with Google Account
    • Method 2: Using the Recycle Bin
    • Method 3: Third Party Data Recovery Tools
  4. Tips for Recovering Deleted Data
    • Tip 1: Don't Panic and Take Your Time
    • Tip 2: Consider Backing Up and Do It Regularly
    • Tip 3: Download Third-Party Apps from Trusted Sources

Importance of Deleted Data and Need for Recovery

The data stored on our devices includes personal and important information such as images, contact information, messages and documents. Losing this data means losing memories or important information. However, we always have a chance to get back deleted data.

First Steps to Recover Deleted Data

Step 1: Take Action Quickly

It will be beneficial to act quickly to retrieve deleted data. The faster you act, the higher your chances of recovering your deleted data. As new data is written over deleted data, recovery becomes more difficult.

Step 2: Check Backup Status

Check your phone's backup status. If you prefer to have backups in advance, you can use the backups to restore your data. Data synced with your Google account is usually included in the backup data.

Methods to Recover Deleted Data

Method 1: Backup Retrieval with Google Account

Many Android devices back up data by syncing using a Google account. If you have this option turned on, you can get back your deleted data from Google Drive backup. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Google Drive app.
  2. Tap the three lines icon in the top left corner and go to the “Backups” option.
  3. Check the backup options and restore your deleted data.

Method 2: Using the Recycle Bin

On some Android devices, deleted data is moved to the Recycle Bin. You can get your data back from this box. The steps may vary depending on your device, but you can generally access this bin by going to Settings > Storage > Recycle Bin.

Method 3: Third Party Data Recovery Tools

If the above methods do not work, you can use third-party data recovery tools. These tools are capable of scanning and restoring deleted data. However, make sure to use reliable and reputed tools.

Tips for Recovering Deleted Data

Tip 1: Don't Panic and Take Your Time

Instead of panicking about deleted data, stay calm. Acting quickly and recklessly can reduce your chances of data recovery. Take your time and follow the steps carefully.

Tip 2: Consider Backing Up and Do It Regularly

Backing up your data regularly increases your chances of restoring your data even if it is deleted. You can enable automatic backups using cloud storage services such as Google Drive.

Tip 3: Download Third-Party Apps from Trusted Sources

When using 3rd party data recovery applications, let's make sure that we download them from reliable sources. This is an important consideration to avoid fraudulent or harmful apps.

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