How to break ViVo pattern lock and perform hard reset

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In our article prepared as an answer to the question of what Vivo hard reset is and why it is removed, we shared the illustrated details of breaking the pattern lock password.

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Hard reset button imageVivoTaken from the Y91 model. There will be important notes at the end of the article for those who have problems such as the same system works in most models and hard reset is not possible. The main reason for choosing this process is the problem of forgetting the password of the screen pattern lock. Then, the action is taken due to software problems.

Vivo hard reset preference is as follows;

  • Breaking Vivo key lock
  • Freezing and running slowly
  • Data cleaning
  • Selling the phone
  • App issues
  • And most software bugs

This process can also be used as Vivo factory reset. This is a slightly more advanced version and eliminates most of the problems.

How to perform Vivo hard reset?

  1. The phone must be turned off
  2. Press and hold 'Volume down' then 'Power' key
  3. 'Fastboot mode' information section can be opened
  4. Go to 'Recovery' option with volume down
  5. Press and hold the 'Power' button once
  6. Go to 'Wipe data' and confirm with the 'Power' button
  7. The last step is to highlight 'Reboot system' and confirm with 'Power'.

We should point out that the Volume up key is used in some Android models. So this option may not be available in all brands or models. If some of them have a menu button, operations can be performed with this as well.

How to break ViVo pattern lock and perform hard reset
How to break ViVo pattern lock and perform hard reset

Vivo hard reset is not possible

  1. Insufficient battery charge for Vivo
  2. Done without turning off the phone
  3. Not pressing the keys completely
  4. Pressing wrong keys
  5. One of the buttons is malfunctioning or not working
  6. But the reset section opens! If an exclamation appears, press the buttons and the problem is solved. If it is not resolved, there may be a problem with the ROM.

Vivo pattern lock breaking warning

  1. Once completed, the device will return to its initial state.
  2. All information and data contained in it will be deleted.
  3. Open logins and passwords will be deleted.
  4. Purchased applications will be deleted. Again, check the My Account section on Google Play.
  5. Sometimes the process may be left unfinished, so close it again and follow the same steps.
  6. If the process is waiting too long, the phone should be turned off.

Extensive information on the subjecthard resetYou will find it in the article.

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