How to Adjust Microsoft Lumia 640 4.5G 3G Internet Settings

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You will find the 4.5G internet settings, on/off and manual settings on the Microsoft Lumia 640 phone model in this article.

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Microsoft also joined the companies serving in the mobile industry. Microsoft has been producing operating systems for computers for a long time. The company, which is the creator of the Windows operating systems we use on our computers, wanted to transfer this experience to mobile devices.

Windows Phone operating system was included in mobile phones. To be frank, we cannot say that this brand phone model and the operating system it contains are very popular. We don't think it's even in a position against its rivals. However, for phone models with this operating system installed, we will explain here with pictures how to install 4.5G internet.

Microsoft Lumia 6404.5G 3G Internet Settings

The first step is to access the applications on the phone. Unlike other phones with Android operating system, on this phone you swipe the screen with your right finger towards the left.

In this way, the applications on your phone will appear. Of course, the screen you will see here will not be in the form of icons like an Android. Access the settings section from the options on this screen. The settings icon is shaped like a gear. If you cannot find it, you can also find it by typing in the search section.

Microsoft Lumia 640 internet settings
Microsoft Lumia 640 4.5G 3G Internet Settings

Click on the Cellular+SIM option under the network+wireless heading in the Settings section.

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Microsoft Lumia 640 turkcell internet settings
Microsoft Internet Settings

When you enter the Cellular+SIM heading, the screen as below will appear. In this section, click on the SIM settings section, which we have included in the blue box. You can also choose the network mode you will use on your phone on this screen. In the highest connection speed section, you can connect to the internet with 3G or LTE options.

Microsoft Lumia 640 vodafone internet settings
Microsoft Lumia 3G Internet Settings

On this screen, enter the name of the line you use in the cellular connection profile section. For example, Turkcell Internet… Then activate the Manual internet access name section. This is the section we have in the blue box below.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Türk Telekom internet settings
Microsoft Internet Settings

After activating the above section, the Edit internet access point name section that appears will switch from passive to active.

How to adjust Microsoft Lumia 640 4.5G internet settings
Microsoft Lumia APN

Type internet in the space under the APN section on the edit internet access point screen. Then click on the save icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to adjust Microsoft Lumia internet settings

If you have any problems with the given internet settings, please write to us. The settings are correct but if there is no connection, have it checked by the operator. The service may be passive.

These settings are valid for most Lumia models. But after software updates, changes in the menus may be observed.

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