How to download and use Zoom on TV

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We encounter people asking how to download Zoom to TV and how to use it on Smart TV. Most of them say that there is EBA but there is no Zoom. Unfortunately, the application has no support.

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In order to install the Zoom application on the television, the operating system must first be suitable for it. We see that most Android or Smart TVs with different software are incompatible. To understand clearly, go to the application download store and search for Zoom and if it appears on the screen, it supports it, if not, it does not support it. Of course, very rarely, an attempt can be made to load it via USB with a flash memory. It can be tested by downloading the APK file from the computer and transferring it to a flash disk. Of course, unknown sources must be open.

Before I forget, there is an application called Zoom TV, do not confuse it with this. You can check if it is available by searching in other systems. Otherwise, you can buy a supported Android TV Box and connect it to the TV and use it.

B. Opening the resources varies depending on the brand of the device. Sometimes, when you enter the advanced settings and get to the relevant setting section, it appears passively dimmed, but when you hover over it and press the arrow key a few times, it opens.

Smart TV ZoomIf it supports:

In models without a camera, it can be used via USB by purchasing a camera with a microphone. You don't need to buy anything special. Of course, you need to look for TV models that have camera support.

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Your internet speed is important and by performing a speed test, you can check cables and use multiple devices accordingly. Problem-free usage may vary depending on the quality, infrastructure and distance of the modem used. Of course, there may be a decrease in speed in cases of heavy use in your region.

If there are additional cables, minimize additional cables as much as possible. Also, in wireless WiFi connections, speed may vary depending on the distance to the modem and the quality of the hardware used in both places. It is recommended that those who have difficulties make a wired connection if their TV supports Ethernet.

Most people searching on Google for ZOOM Cloud Meetings TV version will encounter the mobile phone version. We recommend that those who say it does not work on their TV try it by going to with the browser they use (Chrome, Opera, Samsung).

For those who experience the problem of the call being terminated or no sound/video coming, the solution is provided by closing the session and restarting it.

  • Unplug and plug in the internet and TV plugs.
  • If available, let's try it with another application. We encounter sample EBA support, you can try this.
  • Check the permissions of the application.
  • Let's try it by stopping it on models with protection software.
  • Log out and log in again with your login information.
  • Uninstall and reinstall.

How to download and use Zoom on TV

Update Date: 04 December 2020, 10:39

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