How to enter e-Invoice and how to use it

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How to use e-Archive and e-Invoice and how to enter an invoice? In our article, you will find most details about e-Invoice entry on the website. Mandatory transition begins in January 2020.

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As of January 2020, it has been announced that all taxpayer companies and those subject to tax will not be able to issue paper invoices exceeding 5000 TL to other companies. For end users who are not taxpayers, taxes of 30000 TL and above must be prepared as an e-Archive from the Revenue Administration portal, including taxes. AlrightWhat is e-Archive?Let's examine the illustrated test explanation page on how to use e-Invoice or how to enter invoices through the e-Invoice portal.

According to the announcement made for taxpayers, we will now enter the e-Archive invoicing period as of 2020. The legal regulation requiring the use of e-Invoice disturbed many companies. We think that the system, which is seen as an additional workload, will actually provide convenience. But it is expected that the transition will be a bit difficult for tradesmen who have little to do with technology.

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e-Archive invoice transition alerts

With the Tax Law No. 397 notification, the transition to electronic invoice application has started. e-Invoice application is the general name of all applications created to ensure safe circulation between e-Invoice parties, which comply with the standards.

  1. Significant sanctions will be applied if e-Invoice is not used.
  2. Invoices over five thousand Liras must be e-Invoices.
  3. Invoices must be entered completely.
  4. We would like to point out that paper invoices cannot be issued beyond certain limits during the day.
  5. It is stated that if mandatory documents are not used, significant penal measures will be implemented if it is determined that they have not been issued or kept.
  6. If the original and the copy of the issued document are different, a fine of 240 TL will be imposed for each document.
  7. The above amount is valid for all falsely issued paper or electronic documents.

e-Invoice login site

The e-Invoice login screen is below. One of these is the login screen used for testing. Here is the test screen available for you to understand and experiment with the new system.

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  • The address to log in to the e-Invoice
  • e-Invoice portal test

You can perform operations such as sending e-Invoices and receiving e-Invoices. All e-Invoices sent or received can be downloaded to the computer, stored in electronic media and presented when requested.

How to use e-Invoice?

When you enter the e-Invoice system website, you will see the following warning screen. Click on the x button in the GIB portal warning, "Google Chrome 42.0.23… version java plug-in is blocked and Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox Molzilla or Opera browser can be used". If there is a problem with Chrome, choose one of the recommended browsers.

  • If you want to test the new system, just press the "Suggest user" button and then press the "Login" button.
  • Go to the left
  • The outbox contains “Create invoice”, “Create delivery note”, “Drafts”.
  • In the sent section, there are "Listing by envelope", "Listing by document" and "Archive".
  • In the inbox, in addition to the ones above, there are “Mailbox replies” and “Sent mailbox replies”.

How to enter e-Invoice?

  • Enter create invoice.
  • Select the scenario description. Select the relevant option from the options listed as "Basic invoice", "Commercial invoice", "Special invoice", "Passenger's accompanying goods", "Public invoice" and "Export invoice".
  • Enter the invoice date.
  • In the invoice type, select "Sales", "Return", "Special base", "Withholding", "Registered Export" and "Exception".
  • Select the currency. “Dollar”, “Euro” or other units.
  • Type the foreign TL exchange rate.
  • Fill in the recipient information. Like “Search recipients saved in the address book”…
  • Other details are included in the how-to with illustrated explanation.

e-invoice errorHow to enter e-Invoice and how to use itWhat is e-archive?How to use e-archiveHow to enter e-Invoice?

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