How to find the publication date of a website

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From time to time, we come across questions about how to find the publication date of a website. In fact, many people here ask this question to learn the history of the site. Some people ask to access confidential site ownership information. For this reason, some foreign sites show it even if it is hidden.

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Note: Among the information hidden using Cloudflare, some of the sites we mentioned above show real information.

Learning the website's publication date

A publication date is usually stated within the site or in an informational “about us" can be found on the page. Moreover,find website publication dateYou can follow the steps below:

1. Go to the website address (URL) and open the page.

  • In your browser "Ctrl + U” keys at the same time or right-click and “View Page SourceSelect ” option. This will open a window showing the source code of the web page.
  • Using the search bar in the source code window “creation” (creation) or “publishSearch for keywords like ” (publication). Next to these words there is usually a tag indicating the website's publication date.
  • If you cannot find the website's publication date, you can search for the website's address using several search engines on the Internet (for example, Google or Bing) and get more information about the website.

These methods are usuallyhelps you find the website's publication date, but it may not always work. If you cannot find the publication date or have a question about when the website was published, you can make an effort to ask your question by contacting the website administrator using the website's contact information.

2. Using Whois search sites.

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  • It is possible to make this query from a few websites via Google searches by typing Whois.
  • The website to be used by those who want to query the history of the site is
  • You can make inquiries either by domain name or by e-mail using You may also encounter site ownership information among the information provided here.
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How to find the publication date of a website

Publication date of a website 2
Finding the website's publication date

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