How to fix TikTok audio drift

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Do you experience slippage when you add audio to a video on TikTok? Is there scrolling in all videos? Depending on the situation, we will try to explain you step by step how to fix TikTok voice slipping.

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Once we create a video, it's easy to choose any of the many free songs from the app's audio library and add it to your video. However, since the song we chose will not fit the length of our video, we will need to use the audio trimming feature of the application. However, sometimes due to these processes or any other reason, TikTok audio slippage occurs. This happens to many network users.

We have two options when adding music to the video: Trimming the audio before recording and allowing the application to limit it by matching the video recording, or recording the video beforehand and then trimming the audio afterwards. We've included how to do both suggestions below.

What causes TikTok audio drift?

There is no single reason for the question of why voice slip occurs. As much as it is related to what the user does, it may also be related to the device used. You will decide what this is about by trial and error.

Some of the factors that cause voice shifting are as follows:

  • The uploaded video has an excessive file size. Generally, these shifts occur depending on HD image quality.
  • If the video is of high quality, you should not face any problems while uploading. Plus your internet speed must be good.
  • When the hardware of the phone used is insufficient, there may be problems in uploading high-resolution videos.
  • While it may be related to the format of the uploaded video, it may also be related to its shooting.
  • This is caused by the actions taken regarding the sounds added later to the video or by anything added later.
  • There are times when minor adjustments to the sound need to be made.
  • Problems with application versions or network.

How to fix TikTok audio drift in 5 Steps

All of the possibilities we added above will provide a solution to voice drift. These need to be checked or tested first.

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Let's take a look at how to fix voice drift in 5 steps:

  • Let's try with another video with a smaller video file size.
  • Let's try by changing the resolution or video format of the video we uploaded.
  • If this problem occurs with the sound inside the application, let's try it with the sounds inside the application. Let's change the video or upload channel depending on the situation.
  • Donanımı yüksek olan bir telefonla deneyelim. Artı internetin hızlı olan bir bağlantı ile uygulayalım.
  • If the problem does not occur on a different phone and our phone has high hardware, let's change the version of the TiKTok application and try it. Those who do not use the current version should try the current version, and those who use the current version should try the previous version.

We will also explain the actions to be taken by users who understand that it is related to their device, in the rest of the article.

Procedures to be applied on devices that cause TikTok audio slippage

1. If your phone is Android, enter the TikTok option from the Applications area and remove cache, data and updates.

2. When the application version and the phone are not compatible, we need to try previous application versions.

3. Let's get rid of the applications that make the phone heavy. Plus, there are applications that affect each other.

4. Due to virus infection, devices experience extreme slowdowns. It indirectly causes the problem mentioned in the title.

5. If TikTok sound slippage is seen on the iPhone, let's go to the hardware control and General area and reset all settings from the Reset and Transfer area.

A short transaction to try on your account

The best action you can take to deal with possible meaningless situations related to your account is to change the account type. To do this, tap the Profile area in the application, then tap the striped area above, and switch to Settings and privacy from the menu that opens. Change your account to business from the third option in the Account field. It is possible to reverse this process from the same place whenever you want.

How to fix TikTok audio drift 1
How to fix TikTok audio drift
How to fix TikTok audio drift 2
TikTok audio drift problem

We recommend that you read the rest of the article regarding the problem with the sounds added to the videos.

Trim audio before recording video

1. From the application, let's tap the + sign at the bottom of the screen to start the video creation process.

2. Let's tap on the Add sound option at the top of the screen.

3. Let's browse or search for the piece we plan to add. Let's touch the piece to preview it and use the Check mark on the right if we want to use it.

4. Let's touch the Countdown sign on the right of the screen.

5. Let's drag the red bar in the sound wave towards the time we intend to record in our video.

6. Let's choose the countdown to start recording, whether it is 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

7. If we are done with the audio, let's tap on the Start countdown option to start recording. After the countdown starts, it will operate for the period of time we specify by sliding the red slider.

We hope we have solved your problem of how to fix TikTok audio drift.

Our next topic is, we will try to give information about a different topic with the same title.

TikTok Voice Drift: The New Phenomenon of Social Media

Social media platforms have become a popular medium for users to showcase their creativity and create entertaining content. As one of these platforms, TikTok has become a phenomenon that attracts attention with its short video content and sound effects. However, a new trend that has recently emerged on TikTok is an interesting phenomenon called “TikTok Audio Drift”.

What is TikTok Voice Shift?

TikTok Audio Shift can be defined as an effect or filter that users apply to change the sound of their videos. This effect is used to distort the original audio of the video or to create a funny and creative effect. The sound effects offered by TikTok include slowing down, speeding up, reversing, changing tone and many more options. Users create entertaining content by applying these effects to their videos.

Popularity of TikTok Voice Shift

TikTok Voice Shift has gained great popularity, especially among users who produce comedy and entertainment content. Voice slide effects allow users to create humorous dialogues or different versions of songs. This trend gives rise to videos that make viewers laugh and surprise.

Additionally, TikTok Voice Slider also allows users to create their own original sound effects. This helps users further increase their creativity. Once users create their effects, they can share them with other TikTok users.

How To?

Using the TikTok Voice Shift effect is a very simple process. When creating or editing a video, you can choose the audio slide effect you want from the effects menu. Then, you can apply the effect to your video and see the result. When editing the audio slide effect, you can adjust its speed, tone or other parameters. You can then share your video and share it with other TikTok users.

TikTok Voice Shift stands out as a trend that further enriches the creative and fun atmosphere of TikTok. Users create funny and impressive content using these effects. TikTok's dynamic structure allows users to discover new and entertaining content every day, which increases the popularity of the platform. TikTok Voice Slide offers a great opportunity for users to show off their creativity and have fun.

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