How to Open ZTE ZXHN H298A Port? It Doesn't Open

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We shared with you the illustrated explanation of ZTE ZXHN H298A port opening and the things you need to know. We also added the ip, tcp and udp explanation in the port forwarding section.

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ZTE open port, is mostly preferred for security cameras and may also be required in games and remote connections. Of course, it can also be used in business areas that are not well known. The procedures are very easy and you can complete them completely by looking at the pictures. The important thing is to make some adjustments on the device where the operation will be performed. We will indicate these below and the step-by-step steps will be followed in the same way.

As a WARNING, during the reset process, everything in the modem is deleted and returned to its original state. But you may not need to install it manually on this device. It performs automatic installation with its own reset.

ZTE ZXHN H298A Port Opening

Port opening may be necessary for users of a router or modem, such as the ZTE ZXHN H298A model, often for security cameras, game consoles, or various other devices. However, port opening should be done carefully as it may compromise the security of your device.

1. Accessing the Modem's Management Interface:

  • Open your Internet browser (for example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge) and type your modem's IP address in the address bar. Generally, the default IP address of ZTE modem can be “” or “”.
  • After entering this IP address in the browser, you will be asked to enter the modem's management interface username and password. By default, the username is usually “admin” and the password can also be “admin”. However, this information may have been changed in the configuration of the modem. Find the correct information by consulting your modem's documentation or your internet provider.

2. Finding the Port Opening Page:

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  • From the modem's management interface, try to navigate to an option, usually “Advanced Settings” or “Port Forwarding.” However, these terms may vary depending on the modem's interface and language.

3. Making Port Opening Settings:

  • The port opening page usually contains a series of blank fields and descriptions. Here you may need to enter the following information:
    • Service Name: Specify what you will use the port for (e.g. HTTP, FTP, game name).
    • Local IP Address: Enter the local IP address of the device for which you want to open the port.
    • Local Port: Specify the port number you want to open.
    • Target Port: Specify the port number you want to leave open.
    • Protocol: Usually TCP, UDP or both can be selected.

4. Save Settings and Restart Modem:

  • After checking the information you entered, save the settings with a button such as “Save” or “Apply”.
  • Use the corresponding option in the management interface to reboot the modem.

Note: Port opening must be done carefully. Incorrect settings or opening the wrong ports may pose a risk to network security. It is important to verify the information regarding the port opening process and do it carefully. Also, be sure to update your modem security settings and use a strong password before opening the port.

How to Open ZTE ZXHN H298A Modem Port?

  • Access the modem at
  • The login information can be written as admin and the password as turktelekom or as Turkcell, superonline.
  • Enter the “Easy menu” heading.
  • Turn on “Port forwarding”.
  • “Create new item”
  • You can write anything as the name.
  • If there is a protocol, it will be TCP / UDP, otherwise it will be TCP.
  • The WAN connection will be selected as internet.
  • The device IP will be entered into the Lan manager.
  • The port to be opened will be written in the Wan and Lan ports, for example, 8080 will be written in all of them.

ZTE Port not opening?

  • The IP you type in port forwarding will be one of the local addresses. For example, like…
  • The port address is usually entered as 8080 or 90. But use whatever port is written in the device manual.
  • If the device used is a DVR, you need to enter the device settings using a TV monitor or computer and assign a port and a local IP.
  • In order to watch the cameras remotely from outside via IP, you need to have a static IP. You can do this through the call center where internet service is provided.
  • Make sure you do the steps correctly.
  • Turn your modem off and on.
  • If it still doesn't work, it may be necessary to reset, install the modem and open the port again.

Additional advice: In case of a problem, also enter the DMZ section and enter the DMZ address to whichever IP opens the port and save it. Then, if problems occur, the firewall may need to be turned off.

ZTE ZXHN H298A modem port opening does not open
How to open the ZTE ZXHN H298A port, it does not open
ZTE ZXHN H298A port forwarding
ZTE ZXHN H298A port opening
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