How to solve the problem of no display on the screen on an Asus tablet

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There is no image on the tablet screen. The screen turns black and green! The answer to the question of how to solve the problem of no image appearing on the screen of Asus memo pad 8 tablet is in this news…

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Asus memo pad 8 tabletWe will try to solve a problem encountered in this article. We can briefly explain the problems caused by users on forum sites as follows; After using the Asus memo pad 8 tablet, I turned it off and when I tried to turn it on the next day, I noticed that there was no image on the screen. Then, thinking that the tablet was out of battery, I tried to turn it on again after charging it for 1-2 hours. But even though I pressed the power button, no image appeared again. Meanwhile, when I pressed the volume down and power buttons, sound started coming from the tablet. When I clicked on the tablet not touching it, music started playing. Therefore, I realized that the tablet was working but did not display any images on the screen.” Like the user who described this error, other users using the Asus memo pad 8 tablet also started to experience this error. So what is the solution?

Screen not showing problem on Android tablet!

Problem with no display on the screen on Asus tablet

There is no image on the tablet screen. What is the solution?

There may be several reasons for this problem; When we first look at the multitude of problems experienced, it is understood that this problem is a chronic problem in Asus memo pad 8 tablets. Also, before performing the action we will explain in the next article, if your tablet is still under warranty, please contact the authorized service with your invoice or warranty certificate.

Most likely, the service will solve this problem in a short time. Open the back cover of your tablet and disconnect the battery, then reconnect the battery and turn on your tablet again after waiting for a few minutes. Your problem will most likely be resolved. If you think you cannot do this process, do it with someone who knows.

Try to do a hard reset. As you know, it is an operation performed while the tablet is turned off. If the screen is green or in different colors and there is no crack on the outside, it may be broken or cracked on the inside. If there is an image on the screen but the touchscreen is not working, the touchscreen may be broken or there may be a connection problem.

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