How to Take a Screenshot on a Computer

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It is very easy to take and edit screenshots from a computer, mobile phone or tablet. In this article you will find some tips for taking photos, images and video images of the website.

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You can easily take screenshots from a Windows 10 and Windows 11 computer, either with Paint or with the Lightscreen program. We would like to point out that many software works for this.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Computer?

Taking screenshots has become a very common need when we want to share content we see on our computers, document a problem, or just record something interesting. However, many users may not know exactly how to do this.

1. Simple Screen Photo Capture Methods:

  • PrtScn Tuşu (Print Screen):Your keyboard usually has a key labeled “PrtScn.” By pressing this key, you copy the entire screen of your computer as an image. You can then save this image by pasting it into an image editing program such as Paint.
  • Alt + PrtScn Keys:In some cases, you may only want to take a screenshot of the active window. In this case, you can simply copy the screenshot of the active window by pressing “Alt + PrtScn”.

2. Using Windows Built-in Tools:

Windows operating system provides built-in tools for taking screenshots:

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  • Snipping Tool:Windows' "Snipping Tool" allows you to take a screenshot by selecting the area you want. You can find this tool by searching in the Start Menu.
  • Windows + Shift + S Keys:By pressing these hotkeys in Windows 10, you can capture the entire screen and save it using an application called Auto Recorder.

3. Third Party Software:

You can also download third-party software to take screenshots on your computer. Some free or paid software may offer more features and flexibility.

4. Extra Tips:

  • Using Screen Recorder:In some cases, you may want to take a video recording instead of just a screenshot. In this case, you can record all your screen movements using screen recorder software.
  • Capturing Only Part of the Screen:If you want to save a specific section of interest, you can select the desired area using tools like Windows' "Cut and Draw Tool."

Taking screenshots on a computer is a basic skill and an important tool for computer users. The methods mentioned above will help you perform this process simply and effectively.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Computer Step by Step

You can receive it from mobile phones and tablets with buttons, if the device supports it. Example on iPhone phoneHome(menu) andStrengthYou can operate it by pressing the (on/off) buttons at the same time. on Android phonessound up + menuor volume down + menuthrow awaysound up + volume downImages can be taken with the keys.

If your mobile phone does not have such a featureAndroiddevice usersGoogle PlayYou can try free screenshot applications from the store.

taking images from phone
How to take a screenshot on a computer

Taking a Screenshot

Windows take screenshot from computerWhile the image we will get for is open, press "Prt Sc Sys RqPress and pull the ” button. Then from the keyboard “Windows window icon and RPress and release the ” buttons. In the section that opens "Hungry"" in the empty field that says "mspaint.exe", type "enter" and click "" on the Paint that opens, either with the mouse or the keyboard.Ctrl + VPaste the screenshot you copied using the ” keys.

How to take screenshots of phone on computer
How to take a screenshot on a computer
how to take screenshots on phone
Taking a screenshot on a computer
take a screenshot
How to take a computer screen photo

Taking Screenshots with Lightscreen Program

Alternatively, on your computer:LightscreenYou can easily take screenshots by installing the program. You can take a full screen view or an area you specify.

take screenshot from android phone
Taking a screenshot on a computer

Our article on how to take screenshots on a computer is over here.

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