How to turn UpCall do not disturb on or off?

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We have prepared an illustrated explanation of what Turkcell UpCall is and how to turn it on and off. Let's also examine one of the important features: UpCall does not disturb.

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UpCall appTurkcellOne of 's free services. If you want to access additional features, you can get them for an additional fee of 2 TL per week. one of thesedo not disturbIs it paid or free?There is clear information about this below. You can find details about the application in our article What is UpCall? let's comeHow to turn on UpCall do not disturb modeto the details.

We have been testing the application for a while and will share our user experience with you.

Application queries yield few results. In most cases, it is not possible to see who the calling number belongs to. But what you see may be of some use to you.

We use the operator name change feature. You see this information every time in the images.

UpCall do not disturb feature

The do not disturb feature seems really good. Especially the "What should I let the caller listen to" option is very useful. You can automatically indicate that the phone is on silent, that you are busy, that you are abroad, on leave, unable to answer, in a meeting, at the cinema, at a match, on vacation or driving.

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How to use UpCall do not disturb mode?

When you turn on the “Do not disturb” bot, the green color turns into a pink or purple color. As a warning, you will be informed that this feature has been activated, the caller cannot reach you and you will be able to see who called you.

You can use this feature actively. When you activate it and select the status option, a section called "Statune" will appear on the screen. Read the distance agreement and continue the process by clicking "Sign up". This feature will be active for 2 TL per week.

UpCall is free to use and you can also use the do not disturb feature free of charge. However, when you use the "Whatever I let your caller listen to" feature, you are charged a weekly fee.

  • Open the app and click “ on the bottom right.profile” tap
  • From the baseDo not disturbslide the ” button
  • If you want to open whatever I listen to, accept the weekly fee and become a member.
  • If you continue without choosing what to listen to, it is free, only the callers will not be able to disturb you and you will be able to see the callers.
  • To turn off do not disturb, follow the same steps.

How to turn UpCall do not disturb on or off?

Turn on UpCall do not disturbUpCall do not disturb turn offIs there a Do Not Disturb fee for UpCall?

UpCall do not disturb not working

If Do Not Disturb is not working, we have added below the reasons that usually cause this. You can try these and write to us.

  • Uygulama izinlerini kontrol ediniz. Özellikle iPhone’ da genelde izinler kapalı gelir.
  • This may be because you tried to turn on the caller greeting option. (a paid feature)
  • Try by restarting the phone.
  • For Android, try clearing the app's cache and data.
  • Uninstall the application update from applications.
  • A different operator can be tried. Even? Is there a problem with the phone?
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